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Latest News about AMD Bulldozer

Here are some facts we know about AMD Bulldozer processor, that are set to release in June 2011.

1. The bulldozer processor will be available in 4 core, 6 core and 8 core variations with initial part numbers FX-4011, FX-6011 and FX-8011 and FX-8011P.

2. The Bulldozer processors will use AM3+ sockets. Newer motherboards for these processors have been designed by Asus and will be launched alongwith the processor launch.

3. The existing AM3 socket based motherboards may also be used, with BIOS upgrade in many cases. Though newer AM3+ will be better able to take advantage of new features like faster DDR3 memory and faster HyperTransport Bus.

4. The Bulldozer processors will use 32 nm technology

5. AMD is also releasing 9 Series Chipset that these processors will connect to.

5. The bulldozer processors will support Turbo similar to that of the hex core phenom processors.

6. The 8 core bulldozer processors will take on the Intel’s core i7-2700K and will be priced about the same.

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  1. Patrick Johnson
    May 27th, 2011 at 22:28 | #1

    Any idea if AMD will or is releasing the Notebook version of the bulldozer processor ? Or is it only for the servers and the desktop areas ?