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LCD TV Overview and Its Benefits

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Liquid crystal display (LCD) technology have become a house hold name in the form of smaller devices like wristwatches, calculators and mobile phones to more demanding high resolution computer monitors and High Definition Television sets etc.

LCD TVs have been steadily replacing the conventional Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) TV sets and it is no surprise that in 2007, the sale of LCD TV sets have exceeded the CRT technology sets and it is a matter of time before LCD sets or their other versions like LED sets would weed out the CRT technology. And this replacement is surely due to much superior technology of LCD TVs that gives a host of benefits to the consumers who have made LCD TVs their obvious choice.

Then the obvious question is what benefit LCD tvs have over Crt sets and what is the difference between various LCD sets for a choice to be made?

  1. Compared to conventional CRT TV sets, the LCD TVs are extremely slim, barely 2-3 inches in thickness and thus saves a lot space
  2. LCD TVs are free from hazardous electromagnetic radiations emanating from cathode rays, which are bad for health to an extent.
  3. LCD TVs are much lighter than CRT TVs or even Plasma TVs which are bulky and weighty.
  4. LCD TVs are aesthetic, light weight, can be sifted easily and have better resolution compared to CRT TVs
  5. The LED version of LCD TVs also has much less power requirement, consuming about 50% less power than even the energy-efficient plasma TV ,  Even LCDs with Cold Cathode Florescent Light as back light do consume close to 30% less power than a plasma TV of comparable size.
  6. Latest versions of LCD TVs are claimed to have a rated life of up to 100,000 hours of display. That means even at the rate of 11 hours a day viewing; a LCD TV would last 25 years! Although this can not be substantiated as the LCD technology is on the horizon now since the millennium only.
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