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Leica X1 Digital Camera Review and Price

About Leica X1

The all-new Leica X1 camera is not expected to ship out and release into the market late this year. The manufacturer has earned its reputation as a high quality camera manufacturer, such that one can expect a specific standard for this compact digital camera. To learn more about the initial impressions for this product before you make a purchase, get more details below.

The Leica X1 is a surprising entry into the lineup. This is a small fixed lens pocket camera that is built with a large sensor. Therefore, it is really handy to take with you all the time wherever you go and for whatever shooting situations. The lens for this camera is a 24mm f/2.8 Elmarit ASPH, meanwhile the sensor is a 12.2 Mp APS-C 1.5X CMOS sensor with a measurement of 23.6 x 15.8mm. Indeed, this camera is built with advanced lens and sensor that functions just like a full frame camera.

A pop-up flash is available for the Leica X1 with a wide range of shooting options that save images in RAW and JPG format. The product will be shipped along with the Adobe Lightroom 2.4 such that you can use it for post-editing processes.

When it comes the performance aspect, the shooting speed of the Leica X1 is very impressive. Although the FPS rating for this pocket camera has yet to be determined, it still performed pretty fast for its class. For this reason, this particular camera model has been placed next to large sensor cameras that have fixed lenses, but this model has managed to hold its own. There are a few aspects though, such as IQ comparison and handling, that has yet to be known once this camera model is released in December.

Pro’s of Leica X1 Camera

*The shooting speed is excellent;

*The size makes it really handy and portable, in fact it is small enough to fit into your pocket;

*The image sensor is above others in its class;

*It comes with its own image editing software;

*The image quality is superb.

Con’s of Leica X1
Leica X1 12.2MP APS-C CMOS Digital Camera

*The price tag for this pocket camera is rather expensive (in case the early estimates indeed prove to be its final tag);

*The handling aspect, which is an important part of the user experience is still unknown at this point.

Pricing Details

The bit pricey camera and would cost around $2,699 ( approx)  at amazon including the image editing software.

The Bottom Line

The new Leica X1 still has a lot to prove to showcase to consumers its value as a choice of pocket digital camera given the wide range of options currently available in the market. But if image quality and ease of operation were to be based on, this one is certainly worth grabbing and investing your money on. It is particularly suited for entry level users who simply want a point and shoot camera that can produce quality images regardless of the shooting situation.

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