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Lenovo G5601 review – Notebook

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Lenovo G5601  has been offered at the 2011 Velentine days at fry’s at an inexpensive price of $329 at the time of writing.Unlike many other cheaper notebooks, the Lenovo G5601  is powered by a modest Intel Dual core Pentium P6200 – a 2.13 GHz processor. Its DDR memory is slightly low at 2 GB.  If Lenovo could have made it 3 GB, it could have been a killer machine not in absolute terms but in terms of the price at which it is offered.  We have no complain, though with a relatively small 250 GB Hard disk ( most notebooks come with minimum 320 GB hard disk now a days).  The 250 GB is still good enough provided you do not do a lot of video stuffs.

Lenovo G5601 has 15.6 inch screen at 1366 x 768 resolution and comes integrated with DVD / CD burner. Even though it is an inexpensive notebook it does come with an integrated webcam , which will be useful for video chatting. The  Lenovo G5601 does not come with an HDMI output – but then we are probably asking for too much for $329.

The notebook comes with other common features that you expect in a notebook, including 2 USB ports, wired and wireless networking feature, a VGA out put and all the common audio connectors.

As part of the Lenovo G5601 review, we present a brief list of the common features of the Lenovo G5601 review

– Pentium P6200 , dual core 2.13 GHz processor, 3 MB L3 Cache

– 2 GB RAM 🙁

– 500 GB hard disk

– 15.6 inch LCD screen 1368 x 766 resolution

– 2 USB ports one USB /eSATA combo port

– Integrated Webcam

– Wired and Wireless networking feature

Lenovo G5601 Pros

– Inexpensive

– Decent processor – Pentium P6200 for its cost

– Integrated webcam

Lenovo G5601 Cons

– Only 2 GB RAM

A note about the Pentium P6200 processor

Pentium P6200,  that powers Lenovo G5601 is a dual core processor clocked at 2.13 GHz. It has 3 MB of L3 Cache.  The Pentium P6200 is based upon the same architecture as the Intel Core i3 processors, and therefore has some of the architectural beauty, including the integrated memory controller and the Integrated GPU. The lack of the hyperthreading ( the core i3 have this). This does not creates any serious lack in performance but slightly slows down the multithreading  performance.

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