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LG 32LD550 32″ LCD HDTV Review

December 2nd, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

LG 32LD550 32″ LCD HD television is the latest High definition LCD display television which is has a 32 inch screen display costing 720 dollars. LG 32LD550 32″ LCD HD television is from LG who is Korea based leading market innovator and player and have their offices all over the world. LG 32LD550 has complete high definition features as it can display 1080 pixel resolution video. The refreshing rate of this television measures 120 Hertz which is twice of that of the other LCD televisions available in the market. The pictures clarity is promised to be five times better than that of what is provided by the other televisions in the market.

The maximum video resolution supported by this television is 1920 X 1080 pixels ad also the aspect ratio supported is 16 : 9. There is also a built in technology called free view that is implemented in LG 32LD550 32″ LCD HD television, which allows the user to switch to the digital era. Using the Free view the user can watch more than 40 free view television channels the free view channels also have radio channels. There is also an EPG, which is Electronic programming Guide and this covers the television programs on various channels for eight days ahead. There are four HDMI ports that are available in this television and that means four HDMI inputs can be fed into the television at the same time and user can switch between them without changing the cables.

LG 32LD550 32″ LCD HD television has USB connectivity so the user can connect digital camera and browse through the video and pictures present in the digital camera. User can also connect his MP3 player or USB mass storage device and play the audio or video files present in the same on the television. The dynamic contrast ratio scales up to 150, 000:1.

The response time is all time low value of 2.4 milliseconds. LG 32LD550 32″ LCD HD can take input signals like Analog NTSC, Digital ATSC or QAM modulated signals. This can be mounted on wall or can be kept on the stand as per the user wishes. It can take different inputs like AV, VGA, component video, HDMI and RS 232 C input. There are outputs available for analog audio and digital audio output in LG 32LD550. There is also an headphone jack available. The power source can be 110 Volts AC or 220 Volts AC and the frequency should be 60 Hertz or 50 Hertz. This supports 3 dimensional video decoding and wireless adapter is supported by this television. This is one television which will stand across many years being one’s favorite and has the features like no other television that is having in the market.

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  1. Your Mom
    December 5th, 2010 at 22:28 | #1

    Bought this TV last night at Costco for $399.99, but probably $720.00 worth of value. I’m using it as my monitor right now