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LG 55LE5500 LED-LCD TV Review

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LG the Korea based multinational company who are into manufacturing of Consumer electronics products have launched their new product LG 55LE5500 54.6″ LED-LCD TV costing a whooping price of 2200 dollars. The display size of this television measures 55 inches, when measured corner to corner that is diagonally. This has full HD resolution supported which means it can display 1080 pixels video without any glitches or side effects.

The dynamic contrast ratio that is supported by this television is 5,000,000:1. The refreshing rate of this television is 120 hertz so this can do screen refreshing two times faster than the normal televisions. The LED plus technology is implemented in this television which provides clear colors and sharpness to the pictures. There are four HDMI input ports available on the LG 55LE5500 . The maximum video resolution that can be displayed on this television is 1920 X 1080 pixels.

LG 55LE5500 has the lowest response time of all the LCD televisions available in the market which measures 2.4 milliseconds. The television can take various inputs like USB, PC, RS 232, Component video, composite video, HDMI and RF input as well. This can be mounted on wall as well as can be kept on the stand that comes along with the television.

LG 55LE5500 54.6″ LED-LCD TV has an inbuilt tuner which can tune to QAM modulated digital signals, ATSC digital signals or to NTSC analog signals. This can provide the user access to the Free to Air channels that are transmitted over the air, even without a settop box. There are 2 speakers which are integrated into the television itself which creates room filling audio. This can take either 110 Volts AC power input or the 220 Volts AC power at frequency of 60 Hertz or 50 Hertz respectively.

There are digital audio output ports available to the user through which the user can connect the television output to a home theater system and get surround effect and high definition audio effects while watching movies or playing games. LG 55LE5500 comes at a cost which is affordable to everyone and the features that it provides for the cost paid is simply amazing and it is really a lot of bundled features. While playing games the user can see smooth video transition and natural color effects thanks to the Trumotion 120 Hertz technology that is in place , which takes care of displaying fast action scenes and rapidly changing scenes with smooth transition and takes care of noise reduction too.

There is no Internet connectivity as there are no Ethernet port that is available on this television. There is no DLNA compliance either so the user cant really get the wireless connectivity features on LG 55LE5500. This is one small theater that you can have in your home.

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