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LG W2043TE 20-Inch Class Wide screen LCD Monitor

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LG W2043TE 20-Inch Class Wide screen LCD Monitor is the new LCD monitor for desktops available from LG, the market leader and innovator in the consumer electronics industry having their offices worldwide. This monitor is priced at 140 dollars and is available in the market. There are no LED black lights available in this monitor so there are no enhanced color displaying technology that is supported in this monitor. There are no built in speakers in this monitor neither there are built in digital tuners available in this monitor.

The total number of the colors that can be displayed by this monitor scales up to 16.7 millions totally. The maximum resolution that can be supported by LG W2043TE monitor is 1600 X 900 pixels. The aspect ratio offered by this monitor is 16 : 9. This is a wide screen monitor and also the display size of the monitor is 20 inches. The horizontal viewing angle of this monitor is 170 degrees and the vertical viewing angle is ten degrees less than that of its horizontal viewing angle that is 160 degrees. The brightness offered by this television is 250 candela per square metre. The response times of this television measures 5 milliseconds and thus it is ultra responsive. The dynamic contrast ratio varies up to a maximum of 30, 000:1.

LG W2043TE 20-Inch Class Wide screen LCD Monitor has a vertical frequency value somewhere between 56 hertz to 75 hertz and the horizontal frequency value is somewhere between 30 hertz and 83 hertz. This monitor can take Analog RGB input and Digital input as well. The power supply unit can work in the power input range of 100 volts to 220 volts and the frequency of the input power supply can be either 50 hertz or 60 hertz. The operating power of this monitor is 44 watts and in standby mode it consumes a maximum of 1 watt and during power off mode it consumes less than 0.5 watt. The user can also mount the monitor on wall that is if they wish to do the same. There is auto resolution feature supported in this monitor, and also HDCP encryption is also supported in this monitor. There is one year warranty coverage available for this monitor from the manufacturer. There are also other features like photo effect, fun package, F engine, 4 :3 in wide, sRGB and ARC. This has better clarity and clearness than the conventional CRT monitor and also wide screen provides better viewing experience to the user. The power consumption is way less than that of the CRT thus it is power conservative and also it is environment friendly. This simply is the best monitor for your desktop.

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