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Looxcie LX1 Wearable Camcorder Review

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Looxcie (pronounced look-see) LX1 wearable camcorder is made primarily made, to record your life while you wear, live, share and talk all at the same time. Let’s see to what extent is it true:

Looxie LX1 camcorder is a gadget worn just like a Bluetooth headset, (and used as one too) shoots video from the side of your face, of whatever captures your eye. It is basically designed for life casting with comfort. The design features a bendable ear loop with memory wire for a personalized fit. Three sizes of hypoallergenic ear buds are included, and the earpiece swivels 180 degrees for wear in either ear. To some it might seem very geeky, but since plenty of people out there are already past the embarrassment of wearing a regular Bluetooth headset, perhaps they won’t mind an all-seeing eye as well.

The looxcie LX1 has an on-board storage of 5 hours(4GB), which when are all used the new recording starts over the old footage giving you the most recent five hours of video, but unfortunately battery lasts only four hours if used continuously. It’ll last for up to 10hrs if you only need it as a headset

Looxcie comes with android application, helps you use your android Smartphone (2.0 or higher) as a monitor of your video. The phone acts as a wireless TV connected through Bluetooth. This way you can have a live view of what camera is seeing actually as you move about and use your Smartphone as viewfinder as a remote control, and also as a video editor. The Looxcie LX1 camcorder also features automatic focus, and a broad field of vision. It also has an automatic light adjustment.You can also play back the five hours of the video (and the audio recorded along) as well as make clips from the recorded video using a built-in video editor.The Looxcie app will initially only be for Android 2.x devices, but it seems they’re planning at least an iOS version too.

It’s equally possible to use Looxie LX1 camcorder without the phone. There are four buttons on the wearable device, for power, volume turning video on/off and activating “quick clip”. Quick clip button automatically buffers the last 30 seconds of what you saw as a standalone clip. It has great application for the natural disaster or epic fail when you might not have your camera ready. This way you have no chance to miss such an event. Another amazing deal to pair with this one is that you can immediately share your video over the email of post it over social media. The system has a built-in system for this which can be used along with android application. If you do not have a phone you can use the USB cable support and transfer it to your PC or laptop as well.

Let’s take a look at the quality of the video: Looxie has a resolution of 480 x 320 with 15 frames a second and the lens provides a wide 62-degree field of view, which does not make it any superior to your average iPhone or Android Smartphones. It’s a ½ VGA full resolution. Camera Clips are time stamped and stored in your clip register as MP4 files at 800kbps.

Looxcie LX1 works wonderfully as a Bluetooth headset for your Android Smartphone, this way user has one less device to carry. Once can always answer the incoming calls while capturing video, Looxcie mutes the audio automatically on the video to keep the calls from being recorded into the video. And Looxcie is backed by a one-year warranty. It weighs less than 28g (1 oz.).

Within the box you will find Looxcie, power adapter , the USB cable, 3 interchangeable earbuds, a storage enclusure , and getting Started Guide.

Bottom Line:
With mediocre video quality and short battery life, looxcie still does a great job as long as life casting is concerned.5 hours of video is not bad as we are hoping to see improvement in near future.,Looxcie fulfills its promise of capturing “wow, did you see that?!” moments those around you generally miss.

The Looxcie LX1 is available at Best Buy now for $199. This little guy qualifies for free shipping too.

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