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LRS ( Long Range Systems) at HIMSS 2011

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LRS or the Long Range Systems develop patient paging and texting systems. One of their products, the Patient Survey Systems was on display at the 2011 HIMMS. The Patient Survey Systems is a quick and and economical way to gather patient data, opinions and questionnaire. The Patient Survey system provides a quick and true measurement of teh patient satisfaction.

The patient data is automatically transferred using a docking systems. The data can be transferred using either the telephone line or the ethernet.

It is possible to customize the data based upon the needs. LRS alsoo provides ability to change change the language of the survey.

You may like to contact Jeff James at jjones@pager.net, if this something that interests you.

BL Healthcare’s TCx-I is another more comprehensive system that not only provides ability for question and answer sessions, but also gather’s patient’s physiological data using wireless medical devices. It also provides video conferencing between the Doctor and the patients. The quesions can be dynamically changed by the administrator from the admin panel.

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