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Magellan Roadmate 1420 GPS Review

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About Magellan Roadmate 1420 GPS

GPS or Global Positioning Systems act as navigator devices that are currently utilized for easily identifying or locating directions. Because of this reason, GPS navigators are very popular today. There have been several GPS products that have emerged over the past few years and Magellan Roadmate 1420 GPS is introduced as a whole new option for those consumers looking for this product. If you want to see whether this is the best choice for you, then make sure to read further below for details.

Magellan Roadmate 1420 GPS is one of many products along the range of GPS navigator devices from the brand. It is integrated with numerous essential features that will enable you to increase functionality such as QuickSpell with Smart City, One Touch Favorites Menu, and integrated AAA TourBook, to name a few.

First off, the One Touch Favorites Menu feature in Magellan Roadmate 1420 GPS enables you to save and store your favorite search or destinations in this device for quick access later on. You can therefore make it convenient for you to search for a specific location during travel. Whether it is your favorite restaurant or district in a foreign city, then you can find them in a single and intuitive button control menu navigation.

Meanwhile, QuickSpell with Smart City allows you to enter addresses such that you can narrow down your search according to the destination entry you have provided into the device. On the other hand, Route Optimization is also available here such that you can perform multi-destination routing. When you are about to embark on a trip and wanted to perform several stops along the way, then you can make use of this particular feature to help you plan the journey ahead and reduce the amount of stress involved with traveling. You can also plan the most ideal route that will get you to your desired destination in the least amount of time.

For your own safety, Magellan Roadmate 1420 GPS comes with voice-activated instructions. Hence, you can keep your eyes on the road instead of constantly checking on the device to determine your route. It is therefore easier to navigate yourself through various directions while multi-tasking. There are also preloaded maps and points of interests available in this GPS device for US, Canada, and Puerto Rico, which you can make use of whether traveling for business or leisure.

Pro’s of Magellan Roadmate 1420 GPS

*Easy location of various destinations such as cities and street names;

*Voice-activated routing assistance to ensure road safety;

*Preloaded maps contain points of interests for famous tourist or business destinations;

*One-touch operation for storing favorite destinations make it easy to search destinations.

Con’s of Magellan Roadmate 1420 GPS

*It does not support lifetime updates for maps, or at least, not yet.

The Bottom Line

Magellan Roadmate 1420 GPS is the ultimate companion for those who desire to make traveling a more efficient and hassle-free experience. Whatever it is you are looking for, you can expect this device to easily locate it for you with a vast range of interactive and functional features. Simply turn the device on and you are ready to go!

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