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Maruti Ritz, Swift, Nissan Micra, Skoda Fabia

Indian Cars have come out of age. We now have many more brands to choose from.  We have continued to cover some of the more popular cars that are available in India.


Another hatch from Maruti Suzuki, and a very distinctly styled one at that. lt never fails to attract attention, but its unusual rear end may not appeal to all. lnside it’s quite well finished and equipped and the high H-point and high seating means getting in and out is easy, something the elderly and those not so fit will appreciate. The high seating also gives a commanding view of the road. lt comes with a l ‘3 petrol and also the impressive 1.3 multijet diesel engine’ it’s a fairly decent performer but not the most spacious hatch around. Boot space is also not that impressive.


The Swift is one of Maruti Suzuki’s most successful prod” ucts, and not without reason’ Even though it’s been around for a while, it still looks very smart and has huge street presence. The interior also has a sporty flavour and is well equipped, but the dark upholstery and small glass area at ttre rear, tend to make things a little claustrophobic. The l’3 diesel engine is amazingly fuel-efficient, refined and also quite quick. The petrol is no laggard either and also returns good fuel economy’ lt is quite agile and assured and the brakes have good bite, with ABS being available.


The Micra is an ideal city car that’s easy to drive and park’ It’s also quite fuel’efficient and sensibly priced. lts 3’cylinder petiol unit is fairly refined and the overall styling is pleising but not path-breaking. The wheels are placed at ihe extieme four corners and this not only provides an aggressive stance and improves stability, but also increases roJm in the interior. ln fact it’s amongst the most spacious – hatches around. lt also comes with a lot of equipment, somenever seen before in a small hatchback. Engine start stop
button, retractable electric mirrors, push button entry, etc’


There are small changes on the new Skoda Fabia’s exterior. The front grille fins are no longer longitudinally parallel. They form a V in accordance with the shape of ih” bonn”t. ihe elongated trapezoidal fog-lamp units look like secondary headlamps as opposed to the old round ones. The Fabia’s interior is amongst the best in any hatch’ However the previously available leather seats don’t come as an option anymore even in the high-end variant’ It comes wittr a 3-cylinder 1.2-litre petrol and diesel, and also a peppy 4-cylinder 1.6-litre petrol engine.

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