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Mazatlan, Mexico

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Mazatlan, Mexico is located on the Pacific coast across from the southernmost tip of the Baja California peninsula.  You will also find fine dining, shopping, and hiking and many water sports.  It is a city in the Mexican state of Sinaloa.  Mazatlan is the second largest city in the state and Mexico’s largest commercial port.

The climates Mazatlan, Mexico of are transitional Tropical wet and dry with a marked dry season in the winter.  The wet season is from July to September and is short, rainy, and humid.  While there, you have a choice of staying at an all-inclusive resort to intimate villas, private residence, and hotels.  All are available for short or long-term lease.  Mazatlan is a top-notch vacation getaway.  If you are a beer lover, Pacifico will give you brewery tours, and let you sample brews.  Pacifico is one of the largest breweries in Mexico.

There is sports fishing, the finest on the Pacific coast, and you can challenge the shallow water predators or go deep-sea fishing.  In addition, if you enjoy golf, there are several courses on the island, and there is horseback riding, snorkeling, watch dolphins and whales, and boogie boarding.  A must-see is the Aquarium, which houses hundreds of species of marine life.

Mazatlan offers tourists 10 miles of golden sandy beaches and blue lagoons.  On Mazatlan, an area is called the “Golden Zone.”  It is the area where you will find the hotels, resorts, and bed and breakfast rooms.  You will find many restaurants and souvenir shops.  The restaurants offer Mexican, Italian, International, seafood, and sushi, to name a few.

One site that you should visit is the second largest lighthouse in the world.  You can climb to the top and have a fantastic view of the city and coast.  You can also visit Mazatlan as one of the ports of call on a cruise ship if you want to island hop.  Mazatlan is also a popular retirement destination.

The cliff divers are another attraction that you will want to see.  The rock formation they climb to is 45 feet and only 5 to 6 feet deep.  They wait for just the right wave before they jump.  The best time to see them is in the morning.  The Acurio Mazatlan is a place to see seal, bird, and diving shows.  If you like to shop, then you must go to El Mercado.  It is a large market place located in the historic center of town.  They sell everything from t-shirts to real authentic Mexican handcrafts.  The meat and fruit markets that service the locals are located in the center of El Mercado.

This vacation spot in Mazatlan, Mexico  is great for families, a honeymoon, or just a place to go to unwind and enjoy the beaches and water.

Mazatlan, Mexico – nearest Airport

Gral. Rafael Buelna International Airport is the nearest airport with flights to most of the important Cities in US including LA, San Francisco, Phoenix, Denver, Houston, Minneapolis, Seattle and Mexico City.

If you happened to visit Mazatlan, Mexico, please feel free to share your experience in the comment section below. You may like to let us know which hotels you stayed in Mazatlan, Mexico and how was your experience with it. You experience helps other potential visitors.

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  1. Transfers in Mexico
    January 28th, 2011 at 17:05 | #1

    I still remember the amazing sensation I felt when I visited Mexico with my family. We had the greatest vacations ever. We went to Mazatlan. I must say, one of the most beautiful beaches of the caribbean. Definitively, a must visit. It’s heaven on earth.
    Madison Compton – Mexico Tours