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Meru Cabs at Delhi Airport – A review

Meru Cabs at Delhi Airport – A review

There are a larger number of options for commuting from the International Airport at Delhi than it was 10 years ago. The best we could say 10 years ago was the Delhi Governments’ pre paid taxi that were mostly the old black and yellow cabs featuring older Ambassador and Maruti Models. True – they were cheap and affordable and you used to pay to the government official and not the taxi owner, and you knew the cost before head. But this did not prevent you from Taxi wala to cajole you to take the hotel from where they potentially get the payment.

Fast forward July 2011. We now have several options – and Meru Cabs alongwith other radio Taxis have come to the scene giving the Indira Gandhi International Airport augmenting its “modern look”. The older “prepaid taxis” just does not fitĀ  into the scenario.

As you come out of the Indira Gandhi International Airport you see a raised podium where a Meru Cabs employee keeps a register. You need to tell your name and he will note down your name, the place you will go and the Taxi number which you need to board. A meru Cab driver will come, pick up your bag and keep it in the trunk. The Meru Cabs are ALL Air Conditioned vehicles – which is one reason why they are expensive.

The meru cabs lay an extra $80 why they move to and from Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport.

The Meru Cabs charged Rs 480 for a travel between Indira Gandhi International Airport and sector 43 in Gurgaon, a distance of about 10 kilometer. While this price is slightly expensive, what we liked is that, the driver seems to have followed the shortest route. The travel charge was using a meter attached to the Cab which always seemed to run faster than the heart beats !!!

But if you are travelling from US or Japan, you never mind the cost for the quality of the service it offered. Besides Meru Cabs you may also like to explore Mega Cabs and Easy Cabs. If you are traveling alone and you need to go to New Delhi Railway station, we strongly recommend that you try out the Delhi Airport Metro – for just $150 you will be enjoying possibly the world’s best metro.

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