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MSI CR620 and CR610 Notebook Review

Introduction to MSI CR620 and CR610 Notebook

MSI is a popular brand in Japan known for its deliverance of topnotch notebook products to suit the modern needs of modern individuals. Hence, they are proud to present two new additions into their lineup: MSI CR620 and CR610 notebook. These two might be jointly unveiled to the public but its got a whole range of features between these two. You can therefore enjoy just as much similarities as there are differences between the two models.

This classic series of notebook has been known for its elegant and charming design. But while these notebooks retain much of its design concept, it has also taken its modern twist to accommodate the advanced technological integration and offer professional styling. The MSI CR620 and CR610 notebook models are equipped with a 16-inch, large display screen. The overall design is made to increase portability since it has been made thinner and lighter to make carrying this notebook around rather easy. It is also looking sleek with 45-degree angled edges to make it easier to hold onto. Meanwhile, standard features include an I/O port configuration and integrated optical drive.

One of the major sources of difference between these two products would have to be its internal processor. The CR620 notebook model is equipped with either the Intel Core i3-330M processor, or the i5-430 processor. On the other hand, the CR610 model comes with the AMD ATHLON II Dual Core M320 for its main processing chip. Thus, you can expect both models of notebook to deliver efficient speed and powerful performance for various computing needs. Its high quality graphics card also offer an impressive 1080p high resolution image quality.

Advantages of MSI CR620 and CR610 Notebook

*The 16-inch notebook is lighter by as much as 20 percent than most notebooks in the market, making it really ideal for portable use.

*It comes with a sleek and smooth appearance that is strategically designed to give that professional look and feel.

*It is equipped with several connectivity features such as built-in WiFi connectivity, USB port, Bluetooth, E-SATA port, and high speed data transmissions.

Disadvantages of MSI CR620 and CR610 Notebook

*Despite the huge difference in price (approximately 10,000 Yen) between both models, there is not much difference in terms of their features.

Final Thoughts and Recommendation

MSI CR620 and CR610 notebook is offered by a brand name that you can trust when it comes to laptop technology. It also succeeds in putting altogether features that will increase its functionality and satisfy consumers with its performance.

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