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MSI CR650 Review -Notebook with AMD E-350 APU

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MSI CR350 notebook with AMD E-350 APU is an introduction from a Taiwanese company. MSI CR650is a blend of advanced features and advanced technology. Here, it is quite important to mention that this MSI will be the first to release a notebook that is based on AMD’s ambitious “Brazos” mobile platform. This Brazos is famous for AMD’s fusion accelerated processing units to notebooks. We explained Brazos in detailed in this article along with reviewing MSI CR650.

AMD’s Brazos:

Many enthusiasts are eagerly waiting to experience the real fusion. This waiting is over now and AMD has officially delivered the fusion promise in a way it is up to the expectations.

The Brazos platform consists of the Hudson chipset and the 40mm Ontario APU with full DirectX11 support and features successfully a total power draw of 9W for notebooks and small form factor desktops and other devices.

The major benefit through this Brazos is that the APU lineup is the fact it provides a perfect balance between thermal control and graphical prowess. During CES, AMD released two products, one is a single core Brazos and other is a dual-core chip, graphically, both are similar in performance, but additional CPU core will allow the dual-core E-350 Brazos part to deliver quality performance at an affordable price point.

Main Features of the MSI CR650 Notebook with AMD E-350 APU:

• This notebook is equipped with two 1.6 GHz PUMA X 86 processor of cores.
• AMD accelerated processing unit E-350.


This MSI CR650 notebook’s display screen of size 15.6-inches and comes with high resolution to stream HD contents, graphics, and games quite flawless.


This laptop comes with latest AMD Radeon HD 6310 graphics card along with suitable video memory to stream HD content effectively.

Additional Features:

This laptop is equipped with a built-in webcamera for video chats. There are two numbers of USB 2.0 ports. There are one VGA port and HDMI port too.


Built-in speakers of this laptop are decent enough to stream high-quality audio for movies and songs including games.


This laptop arranged with a 6-cell lithium-ion battery and offers one hour battery back for the laptop.

Input Devices:

A full size keyboard and responsive touchpad are arranged with this laptop as input device.


Price of MSI CR650 laptop is not yet announced and it will be known during the launch of this much awaited laptop.

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