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MSI GT660-003US Laptop Review

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MSI GT660-003US laptop is full gaming laptop ( powered by Core i7-740QM 1.73GHz – a quad core processor) with packed performance and power. MSI series succeeded well in revolutionize the gaming experience for all. Gaming potential can be empowered in full throttle through this laptop. This is a perfect gaming experience for all and offers the best portable performance.

Audio Details of MSI GT660-003US

Sound is the ultimate necessity to enjoy the game. MSI succeeded well in this aspect through considering the complex and interconnected elements that are major backbone for excellent sound reception. MSI took all the necessary step-by-step measures and systematic technologies that are needed for the excellent quality in a notebook. Thgis perfect audio quality is obtained through an association with Dynaudio and succeeded the GT660 series sound quality arrangements. This was arranged through the four directions by the Dynaudio Premium Sound Technology and succeeded well.

Sound card Circuit Design:

Speaker’s location is not alone the reason for the best audio quality for this laptop and sound card always plays the main key role for a laptop in delivering best audio quality. High quality sound is always a result through sound card processing and flawless performance by the speakers. Here, MSI GT660-003US sound card augmentation was carried out through strengthening its sound card circuit design. This kind of strengthening can achieve perfect configuration which can offer clean and penetrating sound quality. Acoustic details are very well taken care in this laptop to offer perfect gaming experience.

Turbo Drive Engine:

MSI Turbo Drive Engine+ (TDE+) technology is the major backbone for this laptop. This technology can increase frequency of graphic and CPU to a major extent. This TDE+ technology is always successful at increasing the performance quite significantly. This kind of frequency improvements can enhance the video decoding/encoding, 3D gaming and art work designing. TDE+ technology is the main reason for the fast response from this laptop. Efficient real time data processing is another advantage through this technology.

Cooler Boost technology

This laptop is equipped with exclusive cooler boost technology which can provide a great extent of cooling capabilities and receives real-time notification of the laptop Core temperature variations and fan speed.

Graphics Card:

This laptop is arranged with a NVIDIA GeForce 285M graphics card which has 1 GB GDDR internal memory and the CUDA-enabled too. This graphics card is famous for its world-class gaming experience. Through this graphics card, super high resolution for ultimate performance, ultra-shocking 3D that is almost equal to reality and speedy processing of videos and images is the result. Here, this NVIDIA GeForce GTX 285M is equipped with PhysX making special effects gaming environments for providing true presence kind of experience for a user. Gaming would be ultimate and purely pleasurable through this laptop with the help of this graphics card.

System Memory:

MSI GT660-003US laptop is arranged with 6144 MB of DDR3 RAM at 1333MHz. This RAM is arranged in three slots and having a possibility to expand it up to 12 GB. This kind of capacity is assuring the future gaming quite flawless for a user.

Smart Power Management:

This laptop comes with a ECO Engine Power Management system from the MSI. This will allow the user to select the usage scenario. There five different types of scenarios available with this laptop as Gaming, Movie viewing, Presentation, Text Processing and Turbo-Battery. Each category has finely tuned presets for the required screen brightness and display sleep, system auto-sleep configuration and processor performance. Here, this ECO Engine has a greater flexibility for the battery usage, for extending battery life and for giving extra edge to laptop in mobility and productivity at the convenience of the user.


MSI’s G-Series notebooks are always imparting unique design elements and this laptop also carries the same design like its other G-series notebooks. MSI logo expands the outward appearance of this laptop through illumination. Its clean flowing lines and black finish is truly captivating. There are few fiery redlines symbolizing ornamentation for the laptop. G-Series is always famous for flawless performance and this quality is very well depicted in its design too.

In Put devices:

Checkered totem pattern is adorned all around the keyboard area. Touchpad area is adorned with metal line design. This kind of design is imparting layered appearance for the in put devices. This design has imparted stylish look for keypad and touchpad area and indicating dynamic Pro Programming machine qualities for the laptop.


This laptop is very thin and almost less than 27mm. This thickness is indicating that this laptop succeeded in beating its contemporaries in the thickness factor quite significantly. This thickness is offering a perfect portability choice for the laptop.


The 16-inch size screen is a perfect size for gaming experience. Its LED performance is perfect choice for gaming, movies viewing and listening to music. This laptop is equipped with Audio Synchronize Mode and this can be enabled through MSI LED light performance control hotkey. This will lighten up LED lights on both sides of the notebook and at the front of the keyboard at once.

Hard Drive:

This laptop comes with dual SATA hard drives. This kind of facility will enable user to access games and programs at faster pacing and helps to store huge volume of data too. This laptop is arranged with 500 GB capacity hard drive which runs at 7200rpm.

USB 3.0 Port

USB 3.0 port is famous for its transfer rate of 4.8GB per second. This port can offer ten times the bandwidth of the USB 2.0 port. Importantly, this USB 3.0 port is capable of executing read/write data operations as the USB 2.0 only can execute unidirectional document transfer in the same amount of time. This laptop comes with USB 3.0 ports.

HDMI Output:

This laptop is arranged with HDMI output and this will deliver super-fast 5GB per second data rates. This will also reduces cable clutter at same time ensuring the video quality. This ability will be more useful for gaming.

Built-in Webcam:

MSI GT660-003US comes with a built-in webcam of 720p HD video quality to 30fps. An ordinary webcam only can offer up to 8fps. This webcam would be ultimate choice for perfect video communication.


MSI GT660-003US is powered through new Intel Core i7-740QM Mobile processor along with Intel HT Technology and Intel Turbo Boost Technology. These entire configurations will ensure a perfect mobile multi tasking for a user. This is built on the 32nm Nehalem micro-architecture. This multi-core processor will offer extra ordinary power to perform demanding applications at once all the time.

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