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MSI R6950-2PM2D2GD5 Radeon HD 6950

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MSI R6950-2PM2D2GD Radeon HD 6950 is the latest graphics card that is available in the market which is claimed to the best ever graphics processor made so far. This graphics processor costs 300 dollars.

MSI R6950-2PM2D2GD Radeon HD 6950  graphics processing unit has the AMD EYEFINITY technology in place which has the support for dual display port 1.2, this offers the user with a band width of 21.6 Giga bits per second and the maximum screen resolution that can be delivered by this graphics card measures 2560 X 1600 pixels. There are other features like multiple display configurations and multi stream transport support.

Radeon HD 6950  processing engine has the support for Microsoft DirectX 11 which is the latest version of DirectX from Microsoft which has high speed and high accuracy for computing and gaming. This graphics processor also has few other features like Enhanced Quality Anti Aliasing which provides the user with improved visual quality and also Morphological Anti Aliasing which is compatible with DirectX 9, DirectX 10 or DirectX 11. This Graphics processor also has the AMD Accelerated Parallel processing and the third generation UVD that is the short form of Unified Video Decoder, which is the dedicated video accelerator which plays a major role in accelerating the HD videos to provide smooth playback of HD videos.

MSI R6950-2PM2D2GD5 Radeon HD 6950 also has the AMD HD 3D technology in place thus it can play High definition 3 Dimensional video content and provided the user has the 3D goggles the user can experience and explore the whole world of 3 Dimensional High definition videos. Since there is AMD powertune technology implemented in this graphics processing engine this consumes lesser power and provides greater performance. The processor operates at a clock speed of 800 Mega Hertz. And there are a total number of 1408 processing units that are available in this Graphics processor. The effective clock memory of this graphics processor is 1250 Mega hertz in terms of speed and it is 5 Giga bits per second in terms of data width.

The memory size of MSI R6950-2PM2D2GD Radeon HD 6950 is 2 giga bytes and the type of RAM used is GDDR5 which is Graphics DDR5 RAM memory, specially designed for graphical processing purpose. The memory interface offered by this RAM memory is 256 bit. The 3D API that are supported in this graphics processor is DirectX 11 and Open GL 4.0 versions. There are one HDMI port, 2 DVI ports one single and one dual link and 2 mini display ports. This has HDCP support for the DVI and there is labor warranty coverage for 2 years and spare parts warranty for 3 years from the date of purchase. This simply is the best graphics card in the market which can give you ultimate gaming experience and HD video viewing experience.

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