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MSI Wind12 U250 Netbook Review

MSI has introduced a wide range of laptops and capabilities over the years and MSI Wind12 U250 netbook is no different. It has a few distinctive features that make it stand out from the traditional choices. So, which user is it best suited for? Find out more information below.

About MSI Wind12 U250 Netbook

One of the most notable improvements for this brand new model is the design. It is a major leap from the X series laptops offered by the brand, but the MSI Wind12 U250 managed to maintain an understated look. The lid comes with a glossy gray finish and the deck consists of a black matte for a sophisticated touch suited for modern laptop users. Meanwhile, the keyboard comes with a traditional layout and a contrasting choice of either white or glossy back palm rest.

Another feature of this laptop that gives it a current look would be the position of the keys. They are placed quite close to each other, comes with a shallow pitch and flat surface. This design also helps to produce minimal noise when typing. Hence, typing is very convenient and simple, unlike the pillow-shaped keys that were reminiscent of the older models. It is also very lightweight, with a total size of 11.7 x 7.5 x 1.2 inches such that you can carry it using only one hand.


  • The touchpad, along with the keyboard, feels extremely well with a nice texture. Thus, it is very responsive and easy to use.

The 11.3-inch keyboard deck is well utilized leaving nearly no space left. Each of the basic buttons is also appropriately positioned to make typing more efficient.

The flat surface on the keyboards makes typing real easy and produces little to no noise at all.

The lightweight material makes it all the more portable such that you can carry it around wherever you need to use it.


  • The six-cell battery that comes with the MSI Wind12 U250 netbook unit might contribute to its long lasting battery power, but it can make the unit bulky than its actual size. Still, it is nonetheless light and easy to carry, even with a single hand.

The keys are not made out of metals, hence they are not as sturdy as you would have expected.

The Bottom Line

The MSI Wind12 U250 Netbook is an excellent choice of laptop if you are looking for something with a huge display and more lasting power. With a larger hard drive and more RAM than any other regular netbooks, it is surely more than your average laptop. And what makes it a recommended laptop is the fact that the price tag is much cheaper than other portable computers with lesser power than this one.

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