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MSI WindPad 100 Tablet Review

msi windpad 100When almost all computer manufacturers are following the path of tablet PC, MSI decided not to stop as well. The company is not far behind to its competitor when it’s comes to manufacturing tablet PC. They had unpacked their recent tablet innovation i.e. the MSI WindPad 100 tablet in a press conference at Computex 2010 held at Taiwan. Here is a brief review of MSI Windpad 100 tablet.

MSI WindPad 100 specification

MSI WindPad 100 tablet PC is powered by Intel Atom processor, Intel Atom Z530 processor having speed of 1.66GHz.  It offers 2GB RAM as main memory.

When comes to storage it integrated 32 GB solid state drive on which Windows 7 home premium is pre-installed. Along with Windows 7 home it also comes with MSI’s own Wind Touch UI layer.

The size of this Tablet from MSI is 10”. The WindPad 100 screen features glossy capacitive display having resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels which is similar to its early generation of netbooks. This feature is slightly lagging behind if you compare it with Apple ipad but not bad, at least for reading ebook or if you want to watch movie clips.

Connectivity features of MSI WindPad 100

In computex they unveiled the prototype of the Windpad 100 which doesn’t have ports,  but according to them MSI Windpad 100 tablet PC will comes with sufficient ports. The original model will comprise of two USB ports, an HDMI and a webcam. Comparing  with Apple ipad, MSI WindPad 100 has USB ports, HDMI output but Apple iPad has only headphone jack, and a port for charging and connecting a dock

As per product manager of MSI, the WindPad 100 tablet pc will be available on stores later this year. The price of this tablet PC will be around $499.

MSI WindPad 100 is made up of plastic which provide it a cheap looks. But there is another advantage of the plastic cover- It makes the tablet extremely light in weight.

As mentioned above the prototype doesn’t comprise of any ports but it has HDMI jack.

According engadget the HDMI must be capable of connecting 720p video to an HDTV, these guys also found that it was taking a few seconds to load the application, and the Wind Touch UI was extremely slow.

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