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My Experience with Selling 3.5 mm to RCA Audio Cable to on Ebay

February 16th, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

I had a large number of 3.5 mm to RCA Cables lying in my office that we planned to scrape. I resisted this and instead  decided to post this on the ebay. Posting on ebay was not difficult. I enjoy a 100+ rating with 100% positive, mostly accumulated over years for buying items and few of them were accumulated by way of selling. So I understand the process.

 The 3.5 mm to RCA Cable is useful for connecting your iPAD or iPod or even your notebook outout to an Audio Amplifier. You may have to fork out over $10 or so, if you plan to buy them on best buy etc.

So, I listed the item for $0.50 starting price and $0.99 buy it now price. The Item was sold within half an hour of listing. I had a shipping charge of $1.50. So the net amount I received was $0.99 + $1.50 =  $2.49.  Now ebay charged me $0.59 as the selling fee. Fortunately ebay did not charge any listing fee, otherwise, it could have been at least $0.50 extra.

I shipped it using the USPS normal post. The item weighted 1.70 oz, so USPS charged $1.39. So my total cost was $1.39 + $0.59 =  $1.98. I still ended up making $0.51 for the cable that I otherwise have thrown away.

Notice that ebay charges an insertion fee of minimum $0.50, in general, and if that had been the case, I would not have made any money – despite investing my time in listing the item, shipping it, and sending the product.

Just think about what would have happened, if I had to spend some money to buy that cable ? ebay is a bad place to make money, if at all.  

Bottomline – ebay still charges hefty selling price. It is not the best place to sell your items – not at least good from sellers perspective. You may like to explore craigslist, which does not charge a dime to list your items.


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  1. Ashley
    September 12th, 2011 at 10:23 | #1

    Ebay charges 9% of the value of the item sold. So if an item sold for $100, you pay $9 as fee for ebay. This is in addition to $0.50 insertion fee. Notice that ebay also charges 9% on the shipping amount.