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NEC LifeTouch LT-W tablet Preview

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NEC, an extremely big name in the IT industry and one of the top semiconductor product manufacturers has again taken a lead to introduce the tablet device with a little surprise rather an added surprise. It has showcased its LifeTouch LT-W tablet with an extra screen to double the total viewable area. This Android operating system based device is in search for a new name and identity as tablets have been conceptualized and materialized as single screen devices.

First looks give an impression of an electronic book that has two 7 inch touch screens hinged to each other at the edges. Splitting the screens from the opposite sides opens the device as a book. NEC has opened the world of possibilities for its utilization in day today activities related to seeking and reading information.

The very first being its use as an electronic book or a newspaper. In such a scenario, the first screen could be used to display the information index and the other the actual detailed view. Making the information you want to access almost spontaneous. In another perspective, one screen could be used to provide inputs for a program or a web application and the other to see the output simultaneously.

So what’s under the hood of this still unique device? Well as the news goes it is equipped with an ARM Cortex A8 processor and fused with software intelligence from Android operating system 2.1 and plans to release another build based on Android operating system 2.2. The LifeTouch LT-W device tips the scale merely at 530 grams which in fact is much less than the lightest iPad available. But that doesn’t mean NEC has made compromises in adding bells and whistles to it. The LifeTouch LT-W is rejigged with a SD card slot to increase the available storage memory, GPS sensor to easily pinpoint a location, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth connectivity and lastly but not the least, 3G connectivity as optional.

NEC is flying high on hopes that ISP will join its dual screen tablet’s popular trend that is attracting more and more support thereby delivering a plethora of applications customized for the LT-W device. And with a few ISPs already in the race, this device can surely be expected to have tons of fantastic applications customized to adopt the new functionality. It is strongly expected to come with Honeycomb version of Android operating system but still offers no exact idea on it. Though the prices are still under cover, the NEC Dual screen Android tablet offers such innovation with better comfort to give good value for your money.

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