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Neha Dhupia about “Gandhi to Hitler” – the new Movie

The forthcoming film Gandhi to Hitler throws light on the different thougt process of the Father of Nation -Mahatma Gandhi and the German Adolf Hitler

The film depicts the last days of Adolf Hitler and talks about the letter that Mahatmama Gandhi wrote to Hitler. The Hilter’s role has been played by Raghubeer Yadav while Avijeet Dutta plays Gandhi’s role. The Actress Neha Dhupia has played the role of Hiter’s beloved Eva Brown. Talking to the journalists Neha Dhupia says – ” We colloced a lot of information to be able to do justice with the roles that we playes. Eva possessed the personality of a mystical woman. I was totally immersed in the role and it took me time to get out of it.”

About the co star Raghubeer Yadav, Naha said that – “He used to come so well prepared to play the roles of the Hitler that I hesitated to talk about the it on the shooting sets. He was so much immersed in the role. We could see the Hitler in him”.

Besides the spicy movies depicting her body, Neha Dhupia has played roles in movies lik “Phans Gaye Re Obama”, “Das Vidania”, “Raat Gayee Baat Gayee”, which are different from the mainstream set formulas. Neha says about this trend – “Bollywood is making interesting movies now a days. I work only in the films, of which, I like the story.”

The movie “Gandhi to Hitler” was earlier named “Dear Friend Hitler”, but some sections had objected on the use of the word “friend” for Hitler, which led to the change of the name to “Gandhi to Hitler”.

Directed by Rakesh Kumar Ranjan, the film is slated to release on July 29, 2011.

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