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NEW XBOX 720 – release date and features

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The entertainment industry has moved far ahead of entertainment to become one of the most lucrative sectors of all. If only you have been banished somewhere for a decade or so that you are not aware of what the gaming world is all about. Right from the Nintendo to the play station to the Xbox, there is a flurry of game consoles that have cropped up to keep gamers engrossed in them for eternity.

Sony and Nintendo are racing against each other with their newest versions of game consoles. Hence, it is not a surprise that Microsoft has released its new Xbox 720. After all the Microsoft giant was the pioneer in the world of games! The latest offering is the Xbox 720 after the huge success of the 360 games.

The memory capacity of Xbox 720 has to be nothing short of 1TB to survive the competition and this would mean you can store all your games and movies that you can ever dream of. There is going to be absolutely no limits in storage and fun. It is speculated that the Xbox 720 would have 3D gaming features added though nothing is confirmed as on date. However, this has been one of the most spoken topics on all game discussion boards. People are killing time and are speculating wildly to contain their excitement towards the release which is expected by 2011 or by early 2012.

Microsoft had plans to introduce a gaming console with longer life span and so has the idea of Xbox 720 born. The company is keen to wait till 3D settles deep into people’s minds so that the timing of the release of Xbox 720 shall be just right for people who are already attracted to 3D. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be much of addition in terms of features. However, some sources say that Microsoft doesn’t have any plans to introduce a whole new series of gaming console and shall only introduce updates of the older 360 series as of now. This is also because their early series hasn’t even crossed its midlife span. They call this whole news of the release a hoax and an attempt of the media to keep feeding the public with something to sustain their readership.

In a nutshell, companies are driven by the gamers. The gamers need a breakthrough in features and that means newer technologies. The companies keep working hard at their backyard to excite their customers since that is the only way to remain in business in the fierce world of gaming!

The release date of the NEW XBOX 720 has still not been officially announced by Microsoft. It looks like Microsoft is willing to keep the Xbox 360 into production for as long time as possible.  There are guesses that the Xbox 720 may appear before the end of 2011  or possibly early 2012.

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