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NVIDIA GeForce FX 3800M – review

The GeForce FX 3800M from NVIDIA is succesoor to the highly successful high-end workstation graphics card GeForce FX 3700M. At the time of writing the GeForce FX 3800M is the most formidable graphics card available in the GeForce line.

The Processor

The GeForce FX 3800M improves upon the processor core speed FX 3700M by a whopping 22%. The core speed FX 3700 is 550MHz while that of the FX 3800M is 675 MHz. The shader clock speed is also bumped up to 1688 MHz as compared to 1375 MHz of FX 3700.

Power consumption

The GeForce FX 3800M consumes a lot of power is in intended for large notebook replacement notebooks.
The GeForce FX 3800M consumes 75 Watts of power and this is the same as that of GeForce FX 3700M. You therefor get more processing power from 3800M while keeping the power consumption same.


The Quadro FX 3800M has same memory configuration as the of 3700M. The GeForce FX 3800M can have 1 GB of GDDR3 memory. At 800 MHz and 256 bits it gives a memory throughput of 51.2 GBps.

Some Technological information

NVIDIA Quadro FX GPUs are based upon the Nvidia Cuda architecture. The Quadro Graphics processors provide unmatched performance in interactivity and visual quality.

The Quadro processors are based upon the CUDA architecture. CUDA which stands for for Compute Unified Device Architecture is a parallel architecture developed developed for graphics processing units (GPUs). The software for the CUDA processors are developed in programming languages like ‘C for CUDA’.

The processor is built on 65nm technology and has 754 million transistors.


3DMark 06 score give teh GeForce 3800M a score of gives it average score of 13323 which improves upn the 3700M’s 3DMark 06 score of 10847.

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