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Nvidia GeForce GTS 450

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As per the Survey done by Steam Survey, which took place in August 2010 59 percentage of the gamers who participated in the poll used NVIDIA graphics hardware and of which only 26 percentage of people have use screen resolution which is greater than or equal to 1680 x 1050. That is why it becomes hard to say that after the launch of GeForce GTX 480 and GTX 460, if there is another graphics card is coming out in the market costing around £ 110 people will still look forward to the same.

From the Survey results it is also evident that the HD 5700 series Graphics cards haven’t had a great reception in the market as only around 6 percentage of the systems have Direct X 11 compatible Operating System and Graphic Processing Unit, which 56 Percentage use Windows 7 Operating system and a non DirectX 11 compatible Graphics Processing Unit. Nvidia is keeping their fingers crossed so that they will get the market understanding right and work on their price to performance ratio so that people will give a warm reception to the new Graphics card.

The GTS 450 is the latest Nvidia Graphics Processing Unit which is the most basic unit which has only one GPC that is Graphics Processing Cluster which comprises of four Streaming Multiprocessors. To put it in a simple way it is literally half of a GTX 460, which has two Graphics Processing Clusters. The GTS 450 has only one Raster Engine and four PolyMorph Engines, which means at a time it can process one raster setup and four vertex operations, whereas GTX460 with its dual GPC can handle two raster setup and eight vertex operations at a time The GTS 450 runs at a high frequencies to compensate this, the core of the graphics engine runs at 783 MHz whereas the GPC runs at 1566 MHz.

The pipeline structure for the same is 192 stream processing at a clock speed of 1.56 GHz with 16 ROPs. The memory of the GPU is 1 GB which is GDDR5 at a speed of 3.66 GHz. The bandwidth of this is 57.6 GB per seconds through 128 bit interface. It is compatible with DirectX 11 and also OpenGL 3.1. The physical dimensions is Dual slot 210 mm long. The warranty of the same depends on the partners with which the sales is done.

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