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Nvidia geforce GTX 260M Review

The high end GPU card from Nvidia has been very popular among the gaming and graphics enthusiasts. The  GeForce GTX 260M uses Unified shaders to  renders the 3D images. According to Nvidia -“GeForce GTX  260M delivers awesome performance for extreme gamers.This faq should help you familiarize with this  graphics card.

Q. What is the Core CPU frequency and the shader speed of the GeForce GTX 260M .
A. The GeForce GTX 260M has CPU frequency of 550 MHz and shader speed of 1375 MHz.

Q. What is the maximum memory, type and speed in GeForce GTX 260M ?
A. The GeForce GTX 260M has a maximum of 1 GB GDDR3 memory. The memory has 256 bit lane and has speed
of 950 MHz.

Q. What is the power consumption of the GeForce GTX 260M
A. The GeForce GTX 260M consumes 75 Watts of power, which means that it can not be used in small  laptops with inadequate cooling. Typically  the GeForce GTX 260M will be used only in bulky and heavy

Q. Which corresponding Desktop GPU has the same performance level as that of the GeForce GTX 260M
A. The performance of the GeForce 9800 GT (600/1500/900) is roughly the same as that of the  GeForce  GTX 260M.

Q. How does  GeForce GTX 260M compares with respect to 9800M GTX.

A. The GeForce GTX 260M has slight performance advantage as compared to 9800M GTX because of its

higher clock speed.

Q. What are video transcoding capabilitied of GeForce GTX 260M.
A.  Using the CUDA technology from Nvidia GPU’s processor core can be used to perform the  demanding  system tasks – such as video transcoding. This results in significant performance improvements over  traditional CPUs. This is done using the integrated PureVideo HD video processor from  GeForce GTX  260M.

Q. What is HypbridPower Technology ?
A. Hybridpower technology is a technique to save the battery power  in notebooks. When the GPU  switches to lower power moder when the processing power is not required.

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