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Nvidia GF100 Review – The gaming GPU

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The Nvidia GF100 is fast graphics processor. It is the first processor based upon the NVidia fermi architecture. The GF100 processors, however, consume significantly more power and they have a higher TDP rating.

A background on the graphics need for gaming

Modern games are very different from the entertainment games played on computer 15 years ago. Today’s computer games are real time and the user rely on the real time display of the moving images and video. The quality of the video is judged by the number of the frames displayed per second. While the CPU still rules in terms of the background processing, eventually, it is what you see, becomes important for the users and the gamers.

The Nvidia GF100 is one of the first graphics processor that support DirectX 11. The GF100 support the tessellation and DirectCompute functions of DirectX. Tessellation of the plane is a collection of plane figures that fills the plane with no overlaps and no gaps. The GF100 is the successor of the highly successful NVIDIA GT200 graphics processor.

The GT200 processors had powered the highly successful GeForce GTX-280 video graphics card.

With GF100 NVIDIA has strived to improve the architecture to support funtionality to improve the gaming performance. The GF100 is even more powerful than the GT200 processor and the video cards based upon the GF100 are even more powerful.

As compared to the CPUs, the graphics processors have many more processors to achieve higher throughput. The GF100 has 512 processor cores. The AMDs top of the line phenon ii processors, by comparison has just six cores. The large number of the pprocessors and the massive parallelism help the GPU deliver extreme performance level.

The GF100 is the processor behind the top of the line Quadro 6000 Video graphics card.

Some benchmark results are available with the GF100 processor. The benchmarkreviews, for example, report the simulation results with the Physx fluid simulation. A 2x improvement with the GF100 was reported as compared to GT200. For example, while the GT200 gave 67 frames per second, the GF100 reported 141 frames per secons.

According to NVIDIA there is 2x to 3x improvement in the compute performance with GF100 as compared to the previous generation FT200.

The GF100 has a total 384 bit GDDR5 memory controller. Actually GF100 has has six 64 bits memory controller and we get 384 bit wide memory controller by the simple math 64×6 = 384 bits.

However, you will expect different video cards using full or part of the 384 bit wide lane, and they will also have different pricing structure.

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