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NVidia GTX480M GPU

Nvidia has announced the release of the General processing unit – the Geforce GTX480M GPU for laptops.

The mobile General Processing Unit base been build upon the Fermi architecture. It is expected that GPU will be part of the laptops next month. Nvidia has forecasts the GTX480M GPU as the “the world’s fastest notebook GPU”. The claim will be scrutinized by the experts once the GPU launches next month. The GPU however seems to be power hog and it sounds like this is going to be a hot processor.

According to Nvidia GTX480M GPU will have 352 ‘Cuda’ processing cores each running at 850MHz. It will contain 256-bit GDDR5 memory running at 600MHz. The architecture supports the Direct X11 chip with Physx support. The Verde driver program intends to keep the laptop drivers automatically updated. More details are awaited.

The Nvidia GTX480M GPU chip is planned for for desktop replacement models and is expected to be used for gaming or high end computing or the environment requiring high computation. The notebooks are expected to be heavy requiring significant amount of cooling solution using heavy amount of metal meats and fans. The user may find it too hot to keep them over their laps.

The biggest challenge with Nvidia is how to keep the notebook vendors interested in its GTX480M GPU with the cooling solution in mind. It will obviously require significant marketing push and the thing that is expected to help is the fact that Nvidia is latest and largest graphics chip manufacturer.

It will be interesting to see how the GTX480M GPU based notebook is taken up by users.

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