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NVIDIA ION The new Graphic Processing Unit

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NVIDIA have came out with the generation next graphics engines that can make you get many times better graphic performance than what the current graphics processors can give you. It is named as NVIDIA ION Graphics. You will experience a whole new level with NVIDIA ION Graphics Processing Unit. You can get the feel of seeing High Definition youtube video of resolution 1080 pixels playing on your PC or playing some High Definition content from a Blu-ray disc or playing lot of the popular PC games like World of Warcraft which has lot of mind blowing graphics in it. There are other things which require good graphics assistance like your face tagging photos or boosting performance of videos or editing performance of videos or some photo applications or accelerating some popular videos and lot more stuff like that. Among the available graphic processing units in the market only NVIDIA ION can give you the real feel for Windows 7 Home Premium experience with the enriched 3D user interface. NVIDIA Ion comes lot more to offer but compared to the features that it offers its size is very small.

Adavntages of NVIDIA ION graphics

Lets see what are the benefits that NVIDIA ION Graphics Processing Unit carries with it, This has a great performance which also comes with a great battery life on the notebooks which use the NVIDIA optimus technology. Gives unmatched performance which is 10 times that of the integrated graphics chips though it is claimed by company. Provides you access to view 1080 pixels high definition videos from youtube or blu-ray disc on your PC or notebooks. Play games like World of Warcraft or Spore with a great mind blowing graphics. You can experience the real feel of Windows 7 Operating system Home Premium to full extent. This Graphics Processing Unit compatibility with NVIDIA Optimus technology which automatically optimizes the battery life while it maintains the outstanding graphics feel that you expect out of it whether you are watching a High definition Video say movie or playing 3D games or using the Internet. It is compatible with max resolution of 2560×1600

Disadvantages of NVIDIA ION graphics

It used for netbook or entry level laptops as it has limited compatibility. It perfectly fitted with Intel’s atom processor which has own integrated graphics but to enhance graphics performance NVIDIA ION graphics are used.

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