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Nvidia Tegra 2 Processor

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Smartphones have been the pinnacle of mobile technology for quite some time, in mobile computing terms. Technology never stays static for long however, and now the latest in mobile terminology, the “super phone”, has been supercharged by Nvidia’s Tegra 2 processor.

While recent processors which drive current smartphones have impressive speed, they have remained single core until now. The Tegra 2 delivers a dual-core technology to phones for the very first time. Nvidia’s Tegra SOC series has always emphasized low power and high media performance. With Tegra 2, Nvidia delivers a completely new level of multi media capability.

The Tegra 2 processor is a dual-core ARM Cortex A9 with speed of up to 1.5 GHz. This is the first dual-core processor to power the mobile market, allowing enhanced ability to multi-task and a general improvement in performance and speed. Estimations suggest Tegra 2 is 10x faster than the smartphone processors in use today. Graphics are supported by GeForce Ultra Low Power (ULP) and are said to be a 100% improvement over the previous Tegra (600) generation. The Tegra 2’s graphics processing unit provides incredible mobile gaming and a 3D interface. Up to 12 megapixel camera support is included as is dual-display support. Video decode and encode sit at an impressive 1080p.

The result of these specifications is a device that can offer the user an HD movie experience on the go for over 16 consecutive hours. Prefer music to movies? How about 140 hours of music before you have to stop to find a plug? For those of us who like to jog to our own tunes, that’s quite a few laps around the track. And perhaps the most impressive, for the sizeable gaming community out there, the super phones powered by the Tegra 2 open a whole new world of mobile entertainment.

The i.MX6 from freescale in another forthcoming processor that will compete with Tegra 2. Nvidia has been totally non supportive to developers who are heading to freescale for their newer design. Read about – i.MX6 processor from Freescale.


The gaming quality that is expected from Tegra 2 powered devices is probably the most discussed aspect of the mobile super chip. Nvidia boasts console quality gaming at your fingertips in the new super phones and super tablets powered by the Tegra 2. For the first time ever, gamers on super phones and super tablets will have the option to game with players on other devices. (Maybe even that console we keep comparing the super devices to.) This cross platform gaming option could revolutionize the multi-player gaming industry. To entice gamers, Nvidia has also created a Tegra Zone app, which, among other things, helps users find “Tegra-optimized” games to play on their super device.

So far, the LG Optimus 2X is the super phone that has been announced to include Tegra’s super chip. More phones and devices to come, we can be sure. If the Tegra 2 delivers all that Nvidia claims it will, the mobile world can consider this a new horizon in mobile capability.

Author : Niki majored in engineering and mathematics and has been working in the semiconductor engineering and test industries. Her experience has been focused mainly in the test die arena, working to improve performance and die area requirements to the nth degree. After nearly 10 years, Niki decided to take a break from semiconductors to stay at home with her two children. She now enjoys keeping up with the latest in semiconductor news as she chases after a toddler and a crawler.

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