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Olympus Stylus 9000 Review

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About Olympus Stylus 9000

Olympus has been manufacturing digital cameras for a given amount of time and they have been continually working to improve on their current range of digital cameras. Thus, the release of Olympus Stylus 9000 garners a lot of attention as it promises to squeeze in a lot of power for its compact size. Did they succeed in delivering up to its promise? Find out more about its details below.

The strongest selling point for Olympus Stylus 9000 is its excellent build and design. It is a compact camera at best and is actually similar to a lot of other digital camera models in the market today in terms of style. It offers a zooming range of up to 3 to 5 x in digital zoom, while its optical zoom could reach up to 10x. It also comes equipped with a retractable lens that extends whenever you open this camera such that you are ready to shoot any time. It also comes with a small width, which makes it a lot easier for you to carry around wherever you go.

The incorporation of a HyperCrystal LCD screen is one of the major factors that contribute to the aesthetic appeal of Olympus Stylus 9000, along with a brushed-aluminum body. But aside from looking good, it is equipped with intuitive controls and an ergonomic design that makes it really easy to use. This camera model does not aim to revolutionize digital camera designs but its ability to take quality pictures is its most prized feature.

You can expect the same menu system as with the previous models in Olympus Stylus 9000. But there is one major change wherein you can simply click on a button at the back of the camera to access the menu such that you will be presented with the basic icons that will allow you to easily choose which option you’d like to make use of. The Panorama is probably the most notable feature for Olympus Stylus 9000 wherein you have the ability to stitch together up to 3 different images. There is also a Scene Mode which enables you to scan through various shooting modes that is most appropriate for a particular shooting situation. If you want to reduce the sound produced by the camera when capturing pictures, then you can simply turn on Silent Mode and you can capture as many images as you can without making any noises.

Pro’s of Olympus Stylus 9000

*It delivers excellent auto exposure capability;

*It has excellent zooming capability;

*It reproduces color accurately for more precision;


Con’s of Olympus Stylus 9000

*It performs not so well during high ISO settings;

*It requires the use of an xD memory card;

*It has limited manual controls.

The Bottom Line

Olympus Stylus 9000 is a decent option if you are looking for a new digital yet compact camera. It is not breakthrough, but it delivers what it promises. So, if you are in search for an entry level digital camera that has got enough features to compete with the current models, then you won’t be disappointed with this one.

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