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Online security threats

Spending time with internet connected computer became inevitable part of our life. Nobody is fully safe on the web. With the integration of all the essential daily tasks with the internet made the web an interesting place for the criminals to operate. They can enter your PC and can steal your confidential financial & personal information in many ways. The usual ways of unauthorized contacts are

1. Phishing mails
2. By sending cookies and new registry values to your PC for small programs which can steal information about your PC.
3. Offering free software & music illegally.
4. By exploiting the liabilities occur by improper technical knowledge of the user.
5. Websites with malicious contents mixed with virus programs.

To combat this many awareness mails are in use by the credit card companies & financial institutions. But you are the one to fully undertake the responsibility of your internet security.

Phishing mails ask your financial and personal information by pretending to be official or legitimate sources. As a usual way to capture your attention and faith they can put forged logos and web banners also. Even fake web pages challenging the original are created. Statistical evidences shows that about 30% of internet users of the globe are severely vulnerable to online security threats due to insufficient technical awareness from their own part. Choosing an antivirus will never safe your side. There is a personal predefined procedure to become safer on the web. Don’t be fool to accept freebies available on internet without a virus check. Browsing freedom to anything is always at your disposal. But, while downloading contents from a malicious website and saving it to your PC is like giving the criminals a good playground to operate with. Infected files on your computer are a simple way to wash out confidential information from you.

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  1. Julia Anderson
    April 10th, 2011 at 10:29 | #1

    You may like to dowload free AVG anti virus for protecting computers. Spybot Search and Destroy is also useful in 95% of cases.