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Optoma HD66 3D Projector Review

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Introduction to Optoma HD66 3D Projector

Optoma, a leader in the home theater and entertainment industry, unveils its latest product via the  Optoma HD66 3D Projector. Given the intense level of competition in the industry for such products, the manufacturer is branding this projector as an inexpensive alternative to other units that offer the same range of features but cost a lot of money to buy. To learn more about why this would certainly make a great alternative projector, find out more details below.

Optoma HD66 3D Projector delivers maximum brightness capacity as it can average a lumens output of 2500. Hence, this is a great choice for gaming or watching sports. You can also enjoy high-contrast images due to its contrast ratio of 4000:1 while its 3D Ready capacity will enable you to enjoy 3D content. This is therefore a great opportunity for you to optimize your home viewing experience given that there are now several 3D content to choose from.

The Bright Mode is an excellent feature for  Optoma HD66 3D Projector although it has a bias towards color green. Hence, you the color reproduction might not be as accurate as you would have hoped. Nonetheless, you can always adjust the settings to suit your viewing environment and its lighting condition.

Advantages of Optoma HD66 3D Projector

*It can easily handle 3D content with a maximum resolution that is able to produce up to 2500 lumens output;

*It comes with a Bright Mode feature that enables you to enjoy the best home entertainment system possible with precise picture quality when using it for gaming or watching sports;

*It offers customizable settings that enable you to adjust the brightness of projector depending on the natural light;

*This projector is equipped with deep color saturation and high contrast picture to produce the best projection quality;

*It comes with a relatively affordable price tag given its wide range of capabilities.

Disadvantages of Optoma HD66 3D Projector

*Although this device recognizes 3D content, doing so will result in a significant drop in the lumens output;

*Aside from playing 3D content, the use of shutter glasses will also cause about 60 percent drop in brightness level;

*You need to figure out how to manipulate the various settings available in this home projector to ensure that you can enjoy the best image quality;

*The image noise and loss of signal when using long cables also add up to the nuances of using this product.


Whether you are looking to get a home theater projector for watching movies, sports, gaming, and other entertainment purposes, you won’t be disappointed for choosing to buy  Optoma HD66 3D Projector. You need to take note though that it comes pre-calibrated with picture modes that may not be ideal for cinema purposes and would suit only viewing in high ambient light. If you know how to fine tune its various settings according to various lighting factors, then you will certainly enjoy the maximum amount of flexibility that this product has to offer.

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