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Optoma PRO150S SVGA DLP Projector review

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Optoma PRO150S SVGA DLP Projector is the latest projector available in the market for a price of 550 dollars. This projector is built using the DLP technology which is the abbreviation of Digital Light Processing technology. Optoma PRO150S SVGA DLP Projector, carrying case for the projector, remote control for the projector with laser pointer to point to the things on screen along with batteries for the remote control, owners manual, power cable and VGA to VGA cable.

Optoma PRO150S weighs only 5 lbs so this is portable and can be carried wherever the user wants to take the projector. The design makes it handy and portable and that is a major advantage of this projector. The digital light processing technologies helps in producing high clarity clear images on the screen. The resolution provided is 800 X 400 pixels. The keystone correction allows the user adjust it vertically with a tolerance of + or – 40 degrees vertical correction, this allows suppressing of distortion in images and adds to the helps in recreation of images without any distortion. The brightness produced by this projector measures 2800 ANSI lumen and the dynamic contrast ratio can be scaled up to 3000 : 1. Optoma PRO150S projector can be used to display on screen as big as 300 inches and the minimum size of the screen display can be as small as 22.9 inches. The screen can be kept at a distance as far as 32.8 inches from the projector or it can be as close as 3.28 inches.

Optoma PRO150S SVGA DLP Projector can take composite video input or S video input or VGA or audio input. There are output ports also available which provides audio and VGA. The normal operating aspect ratio supported is 4 : 3. The life of the projector lamp can scale up to 4000 hours when it is used in Eco mode. The power consumed by this lamp measures 185 Watts. There are other features like rapid ON / OFF, logo capture feature, password protection, control panel lock feature and filter free design feature.

There are no USB ports available for the user to use and there is no wireless features either. There are built in speakers available and this is business type projector. Optoma PRO150S however does not pass energy star requirements since the power consumed is more than that of what is stated in the requirements. This can also take DVI I input,  the throw ratio range measures from 1.95 to 2.15 : 1. This is one simple projector that meets your presentation needs and finds its place in your office. This may not have Ethernet or wireless connectivity but it serves its main purpose and comes at a affordable cost too.

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