How to remove the side Categories from sidebar in WordPress

October 23rd, 2011 No comments

How to remove the side Categories from sidebar in WordPress

While the side categories and Arhives link in WordPress serve a good purpose, they do not get along well if you have a corpoprate website. You may want to remove this to give it a “Corporate look” in place of a blog like look.

How to remove categories

Unfortunately, there is not regular setting for removing the “Categories”. YOu will have to do it in the code. Login to your wordpress and go to “Appearance” -> “Editor”. Now, open the sidebar.php file

Search for something like

You will need to comment it out ( or delete it – not a good option if you wish to restore it). Also make sure that you keepa copy of the original sidebar.php file – just in case you need it.

You may also have to comment out a lot of statements around to remove its formatting etc.

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The target has invalid calibration data (0) – Pickit 3

October 21st, 2011 1 comment

Question –  I am trying to use the microchip 12F510 with Pickit 3 debugger. However, when I try to connect, it gives the following error –

“The target has invalid calibration data (0).”

Any suggestions ?



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Issues with iPhone 4S

October 16th, 2011 19 comments

Issues with iPhone 4S

Initial sales of the iPhone 4S shows a phenomenal success. Media has reported that the sales figure has already crossed 4 million – exceeding the expectation and  the previous sales figure in the opening days of iPhone 4. By comparison the iPhone 4 had sold just 1.7 million units in the 1st week of the launch.

However, users have been a little disappointed with the performance of the iPhone 4. The iPhone 4S has two new features which makes it an improved version over the iPhone 4 – a better Apple A5 processor and the integration of voice recognition command using Siri ( In addition to fixing Antenna issue).

Siri Issues took a quick look at the Siri voice recognition. The first impression was good. If you speak up clearly, for example “where I am”, it will take some time but will come up with a map showing you the location on google map. And you are spell bound to say “wow !!!”. And say “Find the Starbucks coffee” and it will come up with a list of the nearest starbucks coffee location.

However, the initial euphoria dies sooner than later. It turns out that the “Siri” is too slow to respond. It can be either that software or the processor not having enough power, but you feel irritates when it takes as long as 30 seconds and come back saying – sorry we did not understand it. You feel like cheated and you wished I had better typed it in search engine. Siri works on a very small set of useful voice based integrated searches.

As Phonedog puts it –

Even sitting in my apartment messing around with it, it was awkward talking to my phone. There are just some things that are ideally awesome, but in practical use, they’re a bit silly. Siri is one of those.

Slow 3G Speed

The 3G speed at sprint carrier is alarmingly slow as has been reported in the Sprint forums. A screenshot showing a download speed of 0.16 Mbps and an upload speed of 0.05 Mbps has been posted on the forum. It is too early to say, if this problem is due to the sudden increase in demand and if Sprint and fix it quickly.

Battery Life is bad

Phonedog has done some initial review of the iPhone 4S and has found it lacking in the battery life. It could be due to the faster dual core A5 processor  which could be drawing a lot of power. Phonedog writes…

…but in use, the battery has drained roughly twice as fast as the iPhone 4

Camera Focus Issue

It looks like the iPhone 4S repeatedly keeps trying to re-focus camera. It is not clear if this is an isolated issue or widespread.The camera issue has been reported in forums.

AT & T Activation Issue

Buyers have also complained activation issue with AT&T. Apple’s discussion forum is replete with the complaint about the activation issue.

Screen Tint Issue – The screen of the iPhone 4S has been reported to be not as good as that of iPhone 4. This is something you will be able to compare when you put the two iPhones side by side and compare them with same screen. Apparently the newer iPhone 4S has a greenish washed out display as compared to the older iPhone 4. Could be the result of cost cutting on screens ?

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Google Q3 2011 revenue rises by 33%

October 16th, 2011 2 comments

The google’s third quarter result surprised even its die hard supporters. Riding on the back of abundant Adsense revenue, the Q3 revenue rose to  $9.72, just shy of the $10 billion mark, up by 33% a year ago. The third quarter profit rose from $2.17b a year ago to $2.73b.

This is when google’s new google plus has yet to make any significant contribution to the revenue. Google plus now has 40 plus million members (and rising fast). While it is still about a tenth of facebooks 700 plus million member, google expects to close the gap sooner than later. If google can come close to a third of the facebook members, it can expect it to be significant source of the revenue.

Google’s $12 billion acquisition of Motorola is still being analyzed by the industry experts. The acquisition gives google an upper hand in the mobile segments with a huge pile of the motorola’s patent portfolio, that industry experts feel – will give enough power to sustain its Android platform and help fight competition from Apple’s iPhone and iPad.

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Printing Issue with Apple iPad

October 15th, 2011 3 comments


One of the major drawbacks of Apple iPad is its inability to print any document on a generic printer. Even when the use of printer is declining (especially if you are environment conscious), once in a while there is no alternative to a printed document – it has its own utility.

Unfortunately, iPad does not support printing in general. As pointed out in detail in the pcmag article ,

– “iPad printing apps claim to do a lot, but in our testing, many of them simply didn’t work.”

Apple admits that you can not hook a computer directly to the iPad and, yes, you can not print the document directly. According to Apple, you need to synchronize your document to the Apple Mac computer or a MAC laptop and then you can print it from there. If you have a Windows machine, you may be able to “email the document” from the iPad to your windows machine, which, in general has a universal driver support and you should be able to print from your Windows laptop or notebook. But then, this is Windows printing and not iPad printing.

There are however, some iPhone/ iPad applications, that you can use to print. These too are not free from issues. These apps mostly work on the printers that have wifi. Basically, it will beam the content on the printer using the wifi on the iPad. In theory this should work on wifi enabled printers. Note that it still does not solve the issue of a large number of printers that come with USB connectivity ( and no wifi support). It would have been great, if Apple could provide a way to hook the iPad to a printer using USB ( along with driver support).

There is yet another set of Apps that does not print directly from the wifi but via an Apple MAC. Cannon, HP and Lexmark have their own Apps for their Wifi Printers that should work. If you do plan to print from your Apple iPad, make sure you take a printer that is wifi enabled and the that does come with an App that will help you print from your iPad.

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