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Panasonic TC-L37X2 review – 720p , 37 inch TV with iPod Dock

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Panasonic TC-L37X2 HDTV is one of the exclusive models from the royal house of Panasonic. This thin model in X2 series can be easily mounted on the wall and suits to decorate your bedroom never stealing much of your valuable space to occupy the room. High level and easy connectivity with all other entertainment devices is a cool feature. HDMI and fast Memory Card connectivity is available. Panasonic TC-L37X2 come with a resolution of 720p, so it is not a full HD 1080p resolution. For a casual viewer the 720p may not make a huge difference in viewing experience with respect to the 1080p resolution TV. You may like to check more on the 1080p Vs 720p HDTV resolution if that concerns you. The display comes with great natural touch which can fetch high quality viewer experience even under high black level image series.

Customers fascination for the iPod connectivity has been of the reasons they liked this model. The iPod dock is very nice and provides large view of images and movies stored in your iPod. The ‘Viera’ series has a master remote which can control external devices and this also works with your iPod. You can take your own pace and listen to the favorite music and videos with Viera, the popular brand from Panasonic. You have full control with the TV remote on an external device. Play, Pause, skip and change the songs easily. The sound quality is acceptably good for a casual listener, but you may like to invest in Home theater system if you need more bass, louder sound or wish to listen the classics.

The price is very affordable to an ordinary pocket. The royal exclusive luxury reaches you with a non-luxurious price. Amazon offers you for $439 at the time of writing. Some other sites provides a little bit lower. But, the price range fluctuates with different sales routes. 430-650$ is the range while looking on different sites. The TV can support 480p EDTV also. 720p HD can be turned on or off at any time depending on input strength. For watching the TV broadcasts this is little bit extra than the necessary.

You can give the pleasures of good music and movies for your children directly from an iPod without losing the clarity. Dynamic contrast ratio has been specified at 20,000:1 – which is good but at the same time you will find it lacking the crispness and deep black color of a typical Plasma. The surplus offers available also tempt you to purchase this TV for your home. Extra 2 year service is available for you with affordable prices which can be paid while purchasing the TV if you want to do so.

Most of the satisfied customers like us say the SD card reader is a cool feature. The TV can view slideshow of images captured on your digital camera. Panasonic TC-L37X2 has 3 HDMI ports and Digital audio output. Energy star compliance provides you maximum energy saving with least environmental impact.

The wider viewing angle 0f 178 degrees allows you to see the picture from virtually any placed in your. The interactive thumbnail image viewer adds up great interactivity. The menu and other standard settings comes with a great Graphical User Interface with which you never needs an explanation on which step is the next.

IPod dock is stylish in design and helps you to get great interactivity and output 20W surround audio. The gaming mode allows greater image processing to suite with the entertainment needs. No any question stops you, Panasonic has the right solution. No problems, even whatever is in your dream.

Quick Features at a glance

– 720p resolution
– Can view photos from the SD Card Slot
– iPod and iPhone connectivity
– 20,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio
– 3 HDMI, 1 component, 2 composite, 1 PC, 1 digital audio output

Panasonic TC-L37X2 Pros

– Quality manufacturing from Panasonic
– Comes with iPod and iPhone connectivity
– Can view images from SD card

Panasonic TC-L37X2 Cons

– Not Full HD resolution
– Lacks the deep black color level and crispness of a Plasma
– Even though, you can play iPod, iPhone music, you may like to get a surround sound system for better sound quality.

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