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Panasonic TC-P42GT25 2D/3D HD Plasma TV review

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Panasonic TC-P42GT25 plasma TV is the new 2D / 3D Television that Panasonic has come out with. This new era has been dominated with lots of changes in the things we use. Right from black and white television the television sets have evolved to 3 Dimensional ones. There were once sayings that who will ever buy a television; now people are offering almost $2000 only for buying televisions. The birth to color television changed the schemes then came the LCD televisions now it has given birth to 3 Dimensional televisions.

Specs of Panasonic TCP42GT25 TV

Panasonic TC-P42GT25 plasma TV is a High Definition Television which can show both 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional contents. This new Panasonic TC-P42GT25 plasma TV is built using the frame sequential technology. The number of frames shown per second is 60. This can also display video at a resolution of 1920* 1080 pixels which is a complete High Definition video. This Panasonic TC-P42GT25 TV also has taken necessary measures to take care of the existing problems in the current 3 Dimensional televisions.

They also provide an eye gear for viewing 3 dimensional contents. The main advantage is Panasonic TC-P42GT25 plasma TV has enough in it to decode high definition content which also has 3 dimensional images. The black panel adds more beauty to its looks. This Panasonic TC-P42GT25 plasma TV also has Internet connectivity, this package is provided by VIERA Cast. Though this we can use on line messengers like skype or even watch videos on line using youtube or even browsing on line web albums using Picasa which is an web album provider from google. This can also be used as a computer since it has 2 USB ports for connecting keyboard and mouse. Also comes with 3 HDMI ports.

This uses the universal remote technology through which one remote can be used to access many devices.  Panasonic TC-P42GT25 plasma TV also has its own display color format, unlike the normal RGB, CUV and YUV color formats available in the market the new color format which they have named as XV color standard is specifically formed keeping the High Definition content in mind. Compared to the existing color standards it can provide more than 80 percent colors while playing high definition content.

They also have unmatched gaming experience, there is a separate mode called Gaming mode in  Panasonic TC-P42GT25 TV which can help you get the feel of playing games in high definition and don’t worry about your eyes because the anti reflection technology in the  Panasonic TC-P42GT25 plasma TV takes care of the safety. Even after hours of gaming continuously you wont feel any pain in your eyes. The size of the screen is 42 inches and it has an aspect ratio of 16 : 9. This also has a SD card reader in place, with the help of which you can view the pictures you have taken using your digital camera on your television.

The Panasonic TC-P42GT25 HD TV comes with price tag of $1429 at Amazon.

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