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Passport Police Verification process in India

Passport Police Verification process in India

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Passport Tracking, Lucknow, India
In this article we will outline the steps involved in the process of applying and finally getting the passport. This article does not apply to the Tatkal case. Actually, the police verication takes place in case of Tatkal process as well, but, since, the police verification usually takes place “After the delivery of Passport”, it is not that important in case of the Tatkal Scheme. You may still like to follow up your passport police verification so that it does not contain ant adverse remark. This will prevent you from any future potential hassle.

This article is based upon the real experience in Passport office Lucknow. There are some variation is place to place – in terms of the speed with which the work gets done. The Bangalore, for example, has been reported to work better.

Once you deposit the passport in the regional passport office lucknow, you are give a slip, that contains the tracking number. Preserve it carefully at least till you get your passport delivered. You will need it everytime you need to track your case. By presenting your receipt at the relevant authority, in place of orating the numbers, it add value to what you say. So about 6 days after the deposit of the Passport, it is sent to the “Passport Cell” of the SP Office of the City which you belong. Again it varies from city to city, but this is a typical case. A city may have a passport cell which deal will all the passport cases. In the practical case, it was observed that the passport which was applied on 6th May was sent to Passport Cell  on 12th May.

Now a note of the online passport tracking system. The Passport can apparently be tracked using the Online Tracking system. However, the big problem with this system is that they do not enter all the cases. For example even on June 20, 2011, there is nothing mentioned under Status, when I am enquiring. There are many cases which do show the status and that may make you believe that you can track it online. But this is not the truth and that led me loose few days. When I enquired on 25 May 2011 in Lucknow, I was told that it was despatched on April 12, 2011.

I then went back to the Passport cell in my City. The document sent from Lucknow was present there. You will have to request expeditation of the process which they wil agree. The Verification document then moves from the Passport Cell to the Police Thana. The Police Thana may call you. If they do not, you may like to visit the Police Thana and some Police personal will be able to track your application. He may ask you to bring one photograph. In my case I had to go there twice – First time with a Photograph and second time to show up at his officer so he could verify the photograph and sign it.

Once this process is complete the document moves on to Local Intelligence Unit or LIU. The LIU office is generally for the foriegners visiting your city, but,  it also approves the cases of passport applications. YOu may like to visit the LIU office with some of your documents like Address proof etc. Usually it is a straightforward process and once he clarifies everything, he sends the document back to the Passport Cell. The Passport Cell then may keep the file him for few days before sending it back to the Regional Passport Office.

As you can see, police verification is a long process. No wonder, it takes a considerable amount of time even in a straightforward case. You are therefore advised to apply well in advance. Fortunately, the Right of Information Act 2005 comes to your rescue, should something wrong happens to your case. You should take pragmatic action to avoid any delay.

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  1. Roshan Mahanama
    June 22nd, 2011 at 12:07 | #1

    Dont go round about the police and thana, But as soon as they come or call, grease their palm a but and you are all set.

  2. shradha
    October 12th, 2012 at 07:30 | #2

    i want to know where is the office of the local intelligence unit situated in kanpur… will be highly obliged if someone can help.
    i have also applied for passport but after police verification no liu officer came for verification and now they are not submitting report back to the regional passport office.
    it has been 4 months since i applied for passport..now i need my passport in a month…i was hoping if i could visit the office and draw their attention towards my file…
    thanking you in advance