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Pentax Optio I-10 Digital Compact Camera Review

About Pentax Optio I-10

A new compact camera is revealed by Pentax into the market – the Pentax Optio I-10 digital compact camera. It attempts to replicate the appearance for the manufacturer’s micro-SLR models along with a hint of retro, re-styling. To see whether it lives up to expectations, given the reputation that the company has established in the industry, you can get more details below.

pentax optio I-10

Let’s kick things off with the styling approach for the Pentax Optio I-10 camera. This one is equipped with a unique and eye-catching design that is inspired by the SLR cameras of earlier times, right before the digital cameras market bloomed. The basic components and buttons of the camera are efficiently positioned on accessible parts of the camera while also keeping in mind basic functionality. The front panel of the camera is equipped with high quality texture and appearance, thus making it seem more elegant than its counterparts.

Lets discuss about the specification-

  • 12.1 effective megapixels
  • Screeen- size- 2.7 inches, LCD, resolution- approx. 230k dots 16:9 format
  • Lens pentax PENTAX zoom lens
  • Shutter speed – 1/2000  – 1/4 sec
  • Sensor 1/2.3’’ CCD
  • Movie support HDTV 720p

For detail specification visit pentax optio I-10 manufacturer website

Despite the styling and design, the one thing that makes or breaks a new digital compact camera is the set of features. In Pentax Optio I-10, it incorporates the now-standard feature for most modern cameras – the face detection technology. However, this one goes the extra mile as it is capable of recognizing up to 32 faces in a single image field for more accurate focusing and captures. There is also a program incorporated into this model that automatically releases the shutter whenever the face that is focused on the camera is looking straight toward the camera.

When it comes to the zooming quaity, this one is also on top of its game. The 5x optical zoom lens offer wide coverage within your image field, which covers between 5.1mm to 25.5 mm. It therefore makes it possible to handle all types of shooting subjects, whether it be group shots, landscapes, or breathtaking architectural features. The Inteligent Zoom function available on this camera enables you to extend your natural zoom range by as much as 31 times.

The high-sensitivity anti-shake mode featured in the Pentax Optio I-10 camera further improves on the image stabilization technology introduced by some other cameras in the market. Thus, you can effectively minimize the impact of camera shake when capturing your subjects.

Pro’s of Pentax Optio I-10

*The advanced range of features and new technologies ensure an effortless capturing without compromising the quality of your video and image captures;

*The various shooting modes also come built-in with a wide range of editing functions;

*Menu magnification feature enables you to easily browse through the menu items;

*You can process recorded images with the use of creative digital filters.

Con’s of Pentax Optio I-10

*Currently, there are no known drawbacks to this product. However, as it continues to sell in the market and as more individuals get to actually sample its use, it will be determined whether the list of specifications actually live up to promise.

The Bottom Line

The Pentax Optio I-10 compact camera is truly a notable choice in the world of digital cameras. It comes with the same design as an SLR, while also equipping itself with advanced technological features to make shooting rather easy without reducing image quality.

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