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Pentium T4500 – Irrelevant and copied pages ranking higher Post Panda

We continue to compile a list of the content copied from our site ranking higher

For example, search for

T4500 Intel Pentium Dual Core starred reviews

The number 1 position is held by a blogspot post that has copied a portion of the content from starred reviews.


The following paragraph has been lifted as it is from the original starredreviews webpage.

“The Dual core T4500 processor does not have integrated memory controller. It communicates with the North Bridge chipset using Front side bus at 800 MHz. The lack of the integrated memory controller leads to increased memory latency and slow performance. The newer Intel i3, i5 and i7 processors have integrated memory controllers which lead to small memory latency and better performance. AMD was leader in the integrated memory controller based design and this is one reason for the popularity of the AMD processors.”

Also see the last paragraph

“Some benchmarking results are available with the Intel Pentium Dual core T4500 processor. The Super Pi 1M takes 26 seconds while the Super Pi 2M takes 60 seconds with the Pentium Dual core T44000”.

The original content at starredreviews was written on October 26, 2010. The diffthinking.blogspot content was copied / rewritten on Jan 12, 2011 and is ranking much higher. For a more general term “T4500 Intel Pentium Dual Core”, the blogspot post is ranking at number 4 outranking the post fro which it copied. The original post is at page number 4 or page number 5.

The number 2 and 3 spots are occupied by amazon



Both of them are obviously unrelated to the search query being performed. The first one is about Acer Aspire AS5734Z-4512 notebook and nothing that adds relevancy to the search term for the search of the T4500 processor. There are mentions of T4500 only twice – at the header and at the Technical Details as – Intel Pentium dual-core T4500 2.3G Processor. How this will help the searchers who is looking for information about a processor is far from clear.

In a similar way the second Amazon search result is about MSI A6000-225US Notebook PC, and the only reason it gets high ranking in the search result is because the keywords is mentioned in the title and in Header. There is only once a mention of of thsi search term in technical details as – Intel Pentium Dual-Core T4500 2.3GHz.

The two amazon results is also against the search philosophy of showing “different results” that provide different angles of the searchers. The two pages from the amazon are not only less relevant to the search term but are also similar as far as the search term is in question. Again a frustrating experience for the searcher.

The original content written by starred reviews is available at


We expect that the search term in question should result in higher ranking than the three results.

The updated Panda Algorithm is obviously has missed some things. It will frustrate searchers with less relevant results and poor surfing experience. This is something google may want to take a look as an example and improve upon its algorithm.

The purpose of bringing out this fact is to show google the problem that websites are facing and issues with the search algorithm. Starredreviews is not perfect. There are issues with it, including some of the not so good content. However, penalizing the website in such fashion frustrates the searches and it is unethical to show copied content on the top of the original content creator. We hope google listens.

Update :

Shortly after I posted this post, it was indexed by Google. I then posted the same thing at google webmaster forum.

Now the two content are exactly the same copy and google know that starred reviews is the original content publisher, since it was indexed first. However, if you search for the search term

Irrelevant and copied pages ranking higher Post Panda

The google webmaster forum page is the one that comes on the webpage. Hope that this is enough indication to google to so something about it.

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