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Phaphamau, UP India

Phaphamau is a small town that comes in the City of Allahabad UP.

How to Reach Phaphamau from Allahabad Railway Station – If you are alone and looking for a cheap commute, you may tFrom Allahabad Railway Station, you may take a tempo going from Allahabad Railway Station to Govindpur and drop at Teliarganj. It costs about 10 Rupees. From Teliarganj, you may take another tempo going to Phapha Mau, which will take another 5 Rupee.

The Railway Station at Phaphamau can be used for going to Lucknow. However, not all trains stop at Phaphamau For the residents of Phaphamau and Teliarganj, this station can be convenient.

Phaphamau is rapidly growing in importance. Its Maharshi Patanjali College commands respect and gives out many bright students.

New housing schemes from Allahabad Development Authority has made this small town an important locality. However, the lack of commercial activities has limited the scope of development. A decade ago, the new bridge was made over the Ganga river easing the commute between

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