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Phenom ii P860 Vs Intel Core i3-330M

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The AMD’s Phenom ii P860 is a three core processor while the Core i3-330M is a two core processor. In this article we took up the comparison with Intel’s Core i3-330M. Let take take a look at some quick facts before we take up the benchmark comparison

– The Phenom ii P860 has a clock frequency of 2 GHz while the Core i3-330M is clocked at 2.16 GHz.
– Both the processors have integrated memory controller.
– The P860 has a total of 384 KB L1 Cache ( 128 KB per core) and 1565 KB of L2 Cache ( 512 KB per core). The Core i3-330M has 512 KB of L2 Cache and 3 MB of L3 Cache ( Intel Smart cache). The L3 Cache in the Core i3-330M is shared by the two cores unlike the P860 which has dedicated L2 for each core.
– The Core i3-330M has integrated graphics unit that can seamlessly support HDMI, DVI output and is good for entry level gaming at low resolution. The AMD’s P860 does not has any integrated graphics unit.
– Both the processors have high speed differential bus for communication with chipset. The AMD’s P860 has HyperTransport Bus while the Core i3-330M has DMI Bus.
– Both processors support the 64 bit instruction sets and virtualization.

Let us take a look at some benchmark numbers for these two processors.

Benchmark Phenom ii P860 Core i3-330M
Super Pi 2M (Lower in better) 88 seconds 50 seconds
Windows 7 Experience

Index – CPU

6.0 6.2
Pass Mark Score 1884 1967
3D Mark 06 CPU Score 2180 2200

Except for the Super Pi 2M, the Phenom ii P860 has a performance comparable to the Intel’s Core i3-330M. We expect that in real life computing where multiple processes running in parallel is a reality, the Phenom ii P860 should perform better. The Super Pi is a single threaded application where core i3-330M takes advantage with its higher clock for a single core and its higher Cache memory.

At the same time we expect that the P860 will trail in performance with respect to the higher clocked core i3-370M ( 2.40 GHz) and the Core i3-380M ( 2.53 GHz) processors. It will also trail in performance when compared to the Turbo boost enabled Core i5 processors.

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