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Phenom II P960 quad core Processor

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Key Parameter

Number of Cores – 4
Clock Frequency – 1.8 GHz
TDP Rating – 25 Watts
L2 Cache – 512 KB x 4 = 2 MB

The AMD’s Phenom ii P960 is quad core processor from AMD clocked at 1.8 GHz. Built with 45 nm technology, the Phenom II P960 has integrated memory controller, which reduces the memory latency and improves the overall performance of the processor. The Max speed grade supported for DDR3 is DDR3-1066. The Phenom II P960 a total of 2 MB of L2 cache – 512 KB in each of the 4 cores. The L1 Cache consists of 64 KB of instruction and 64 KB of data cache for each of the 4 cores.

The communication with the chipset is using fast differential HyperTransport Bus. The HyperTransport Bus increases the speed at which the processor can communicate with the peripherals, including USB, Display, PCI Express components and cards.

The Phenom II P960 supports the AMD64 – the 64 bit instruction set from AMD. The virtualization technology is a decent feature, if you plan to use multiple operating system simultaneously.

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