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Philips 47PFL6704D Review – Flat panel 1080p HDTV

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Philips 47PFL6704D  Review – Flat panel 1080p HDTV

Philips is one among the veteran brand in electronics gadget industry. Excellent and quick customer service is available at your own pace from anywhere in the world. The Philips 47PFL6704D 47” LCD HDTV delivers light blacks to avoid the screen reflection while displaying deep black colors. Matte screen makes it a better choice for brighter areas in your home. There is no pain in calibrating the display as most optimized automatic calibration settings are available. Out of the six different color settings, five are fully automatic. One personal color scheme and aspect settings with options for changing the picture scaling create more freedom from your part.

The Philips 47PFL6704D  HDTV has capability to go well with wide 16:9 aspect ratio. Higher refresh rate of 120Hz makes it a good choice for watching sports movies. The sleek design creates visual impact from anywhere in your home and matches with wall mounting background. Lower value for viewing angle may repel some buyers as Philips try to hide it in general specifications. Dynamic contrast ratio of 50,000:1 matches all expectations providing deep contrast pictures with millions of color combinations. Inbuilt tuner provides quick and readymade signal reception from anywhere. Motion blur & judder are eliminated in 47PFL670D.

Integrated audio system generates optimized digital audio. Philips 47PFL6704D  HD TV consumes much lower than the peak power specified in manual. The USB port can directly play MPEG, MP3, JPEG, DivX and many other file formats from thumb drive. PC connectivity port supports all resolution ranges from your computer. Out of the 4 HDMI connectors 3 are located on rear portion and 1 is kept on side. Component & composite audio and video connectors are available in pairs but, no optical audio out. The description at the base of each menu item creates simplicity for a beginner user. This high quality product is available at Amazon for a rational price range of 960$ approx.

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  1. Beauty
    February 21st, 2012 at 10:21 | #1

    I just need the perfect HDTV for me and that is what I’m finding in the Phillips HDTV’s. I have read review after review and I have found that everyone loves the Phillips HDTV’s. II have read from picture to audio it is the best compared to top competitors like Sony or LG. Those are some really great HDTV’s and expensive, so you can imagine my shock to hear that. Even a couple of my co-workers from DISH have told me that. That is great to hear; now if I get this HDTV I have to get HD free for life programming from DISH to complete everything. You just can’t have a HDTV without HD programming. Let’s just hope I can find a great deal on a Phillips!