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Philips BDP5012F7 review – Blu-ray Player

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Key Features

– Plays Blu Ray discs, DVDs and all variants of CD Player
– Upscales lower resolution videos to 1080p
– Can decode 24p True Cinema
– Can connect to internet for streaming video
– 1 HDMI, 1 component video, 1 composite video, 1 audio line, 1 SPDIF output port, 1 Ethernet port

Philips BDP5012F7 Blu-ray Player is the latest Blu ray player available in the market from Philips, the Dutch based multinational company who is into consumer electronics product manufacturing. Philips has been a market leader and global innovator in the field of consumer electronics. This player comes at a cost of relatively inexpensive $88 (at the time of writing) , which has Blu Ray disc, CD all variant and DVD all variant playback capabilities. There is support for JPEG and DivX playback in this blu ray disc player. The audio capabilities of this player include Dolby digital decoding capabilities and DTS surround sound decoding is also supported, which providing good sound experience along with the feel of digital audio to the user. Upscaling to 1080 pixels is the major feature of this player through which the user can upscale their normal video content to High definition 1080 pixel resolution video content and watch it to the full digital extent. Parental control feature is also supported in this Blu ray disc player. With a good high definition television having close to 50 inches screen size and a good home theater audio system the user can make their house into a minitheater with this Blu ray displayer. This blu ray disc player can provide the full high definition video displaying as this can easily decode and provide 1080 pixel resolution video.

Philips Philips BDP5012F7 can also decode 24p true cinema which provides the next generation of displaying video. The 24p True cinema technology can provide smooth transition of fast moving action scenes without glitches or macro blocks. This player has Internet connectivity through which the user can upgrade the software or connect to Internet via BD live 2.0 and access the world of online content through which the user can stream Internet content on the television via the Blu ray displayer. The Audio standards supported by this blu ray disc player are WMA and PCM. The menu languages inclue English, Spanish and French. This Blu ray disc player also has digital photo viewing application through which the user can check the pictures present in the Flash card or play digital audio from the flash memory. This works at 120 Volts power supply at 60 hertz freqeuncy. This has one HDMI output port, 1 component video output port, 1 composite video output port, 1 audio line output port, 1 SPDIF output port, 1 Ethernet port and one 5.1 channel audio output channel port for connecting the blu ray player to the home theater system. The digital video standards that are supported by this blu ray disc player includes, H.264, MPEG 2 and DivX. This is simply the best Blu ray player to have in house to feel the full high definition movie viewing.

What customers say

– You are cautioned to note that this Blu Ray play will not region free so it will not play foreign discs
– Excellent picture quality.
– Older BD players need firmware update to resolve some of the issues.

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