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Philips DVP3570 HDMI 1080p DVD Player Review

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Philips DVP3570 HDMI 1080p DVD Player is the new DVD player in the market from Philips the leading consumer electronics market player. The cost of this player is 50 dollars (discount rate) approximately at the time of writing review. There are multiple features that are packed in Philips DVP3570 HDMI 1080p DVD Player namely subtitle option which can offer the dialogues in displayed as text on the video, the menu is available in multiple languages, progressive scanning technology, Zoom of the view is supported, playback from the media device and parental lock.

However, there are no inbuilt tuners that are available in Philips DVP3570 HDMI 1080p DVD Player as it is just a DVD player and not a settop box. The video up conversion feature that is available can convert videos to a resolution of 1080 pixels. The maximum vertical resolution supported by Philips DVP3570 HDMI 1080p DVD Player is 1080 pixels. This Player supports various video formats which include different flavors of DVD and CD. The audio support covers a wide range as including MP3, simulated surround, Dolby digital, surround sound and DTS sound too. This DVD player can be used with television, computer, projector, with TV and VCR, HDTV and Digital TV. The High Definition compatibility include NTSC standards and HD ready.

The output types range from HDMI, component Video, S video, A/V, VGA and coaxial digital audio or SPDIF as it is popularly known. There are two audio output ports, and one each ports for coaxial digital audio, component video, HDMI, S video and composite video. The package includes Philips DVP3570 HDMI 1080p DVD Player, remote control, A / V cable, batteries for the remote control and manual for quick reference. Philips DVP3570 HDMI 1080p DVD Player is covered by a manufacturer’s warranty for the initial ninety days from the purchasing date.

Philips DVP3570 DVD player has a HDMI output. This design is ultra slim thus making the player less bulky and portable. Also the experience provided by this player gives the user the real feel for High Definition technology, the user can have a surround audio system and LCD television which will make a small home theater in the user’s house.

There is no Internet access that is available via the Philips DVP3570 DVD player, as there are no Ethernet ports or wireless adapters. Thus the user can never stream on line content directly via the player. The player does not have DLNA compliance either, so making a small network inside the user’s house with other DLNA compliant devices is also out of the option. But the clarity of audio and video offered compensates for the connectivity features that it lacks. Simply this is the best DVD player that is available in the market which can give the real feel for High Definition technology.

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