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Philips BDP3000 Blu-ray Player review

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Remember there used to be a brand named Philips which was ruling the entire consumer electronics field in the last decade, which got hit by the global recession and went into big loss. Now they are back with brand new products to reclaim their domination in the consumer world. One of them is Phillips BDP3000 Blu-ray HD player. This was a crucial decision that had to be made before they could launch their new product because their product was a High Definition (HD) video player but they had to pick which of the format to support as there was both Blu-ray discs ruling the world and also the HD DVD discs competing with them.

When Blu-ray was launched some three years back, Philips, always a pioneer in new technology, didn’t go with Blu-ray. But this time they decided to go with Blu-ray and their new High Definition video player named Phillips BDP3000 is for the Blu-ray discs. The cost which was very high when Blu-rays were launched has came down and Philips have managed to provide their new players at a very cheaper cost. Not just Philips, every other manufacturer around the world is going with Blu-ray format which is making Blu-ray the generation next storage media.
To meet the less price margin they dropped few of the features. But looks wise this didn’t compensate anything. It has a very appealing looks. The front panel design is in such a way that it has the required minimal buttons that are needed and it also has the USB port at the front side.

Phillips BDP3000 has an Ethernet port as well, which will provide the user a means to download things from the Internet. Then they have the HDMI port which is of course the mandatory for all the High Definition players, which providers use the Digital audio and Video and provides us with a unmatched quality of feel.

The supported video formats are 1080/1024 Pixels format, which is called as High Definition video. This has 7.1 Channel Dolby TrueHD sound format which gives a good surround feel. The USB port provides the user with an option to use the USB drive or an external portable Hard disk. The contents contained in the external storage media can then be played using the Blu Ray player. This option helps the user to minimize the need to burn a Blu-ray disc for playing it through the player.

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  1. Terry McCaul
    March 20th, 2011 at 00:06 | #1

    You say that thie philips BDP3000 can play the contents of an external portable hard drive. How does this work?
    The manual says it can’t ( and I have tried it)and this is the main reason I bought the damn thing! can you help.

  2. Phil Mitchell
    April 4th, 2011 at 12:38 | #2

    @Terry McCaul
    Did you sort out your playing of contents of an external hard drive if not then do the upgrade software procedure in the handbook supplied and then you will be able to achieve this …not sure about powered external hard drives as have not managed that or maybe it just my hard drives size ……Phil