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Pioneer DXT-2266UB Review – car audio system

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Key Features

–  USB and Auxillary input ports

– 180 Watts Output

– Can play songs from CD and the mp3 songs from USB

– AM / FM tuner in built

– No bluetooth, no mp4

The Front USB and the Audio input Jack comes handy for playing MP3 songs from USB or other Audio sources. Not shown in the picture are four Speakers

Pioneer DXT-2266UB car audio system is the latest car audio system in the market, which costs 85 dollars from Pioneer who as their name suggests they are the Pioneer in audio system products. This audio system can deliver a total audio power of 180 watts. This has both USB and auxillary input ports available. The user can plug in USB media device and play the audio files present in the same on the audio system. There is a seven segment LCD display available on the front panel through which the user can read the information about the audio that is played. The LCD display can display a total number of ten characters. This audio system supports CD, WMA, CD Read / Read Write formats along with the MP3 format. This audio system also has radio abilities both AM and FM radio receiving is supported. There are 6 AM and 18 FM station presents. There are four speakers each one it measuring 6.5 inches in dimension. This serves as the ultimate audio system for any car and also this comes at a price which is affordable to every people. The music experience provided by this audio system fills the ear of the owner and thus they have a good time listening to the music delivered by this audio system.

Pioneer DXT-2266UB car audio system does provide user with USB connectivity thus it helps a lot really in order of plug and play functionality. So the user gets opportunity to play songs from their USB thumb drive while driving, so that the user is saved from carrying the CDs all the time. The user can connect any media via the USB and play the audio contents present in the same, this includes, mobile phone, Ipod and memory card. There is no Wireless connectivity or DLNA complaince and it need not have one too as this is a simple car audio system. This also fails to any Bluetooth connectivity to the user. So the only way user can play audio via the audio system only by connecting a USB drive to the audio system or via the inserting CD into the audio system. This fails to support MP4 formats, though it does not count as a great disadvantage as MP4 format is not as popular as MP3. This audio system will make sure that the user will get entertainment on drive and thus makes the journy entertaining and less boring. This is less bulky and occupies only less space, there are also keys on the front panel and also there are remote control available through which the user can get easy access to the audio system. This simply is the best available Car audio system that one can get in their car.

What Customers say about Pioneer DXT-2266UB

– I can also charge my GPS and my iPhone with the USB.

– I can hook up my iPod with USB, sound is pretty loud.

– The Pioneer DXT-2266UB  is decent but does not come with Remote Control, iPod, iPhone control

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  1. chris boylan
    February 15th, 2011 at 20:56 | #1

    i have the same radio but i can seem to be able to play my ipod through the USB port… any suggestions as to what the problem might be?

  2. Michael Quick
    February 23rd, 2011 at 15:08 | #2

    I am curious about the iPod USB play support as well.
    The comment above mine or below, what iPod do you own?

  3. FrankPruski
    March 31st, 2012 at 13:10 | #3

    Please Frank