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Playstation 3 – HDMI Capability

Sony’s PlayStation 3 ( more popularly known as PS3) is one of the most advanced video game console available today. Playstation 3 is the successor of the highly successful Playstation 2 gaming console. The playstation 3 has superior graphics, great networking capability and decent line up of the games available. Its motion sensing controller is advanced but user friendly.

HDTV on PlayStation 3

The most astounding feature of Playstation 3 is the HDTV display capability along with the Blu Ray player. In other words a buyer saves the money he would have paid in buying a separate HDTV player. When calculating the cost of the purchase of Playstation, you may like to reduce its price by the amount you would have paid when buying a blu ray player.

The PS3 can play DVD, CDs, PS3 games in addition to the Blu-ray movie. The movies on the HDTV will be “upscaled” or enhanced in resolution to give it a better quality on HDTV. However, HDMI cable used to connect the the Playstation 3 is not supplied and you will have to buy one if you wish to use HDMI capability.

PlayStation 3 Networking Capability:

You can hook the PS3 to the network including the wifi which allows you to play games online. It also allows you to buy and download games online. You can also buy different entertainment content, purchase music. You may also use PS3 to surf internet using the USB keyboard.

PS3 controller

The PS3 has ab new and enhanced controller as compared to the PS2 controller. In physical appearance the controller ( called sixaxis) new Sixaxis is similar to the PS2’s Dualshock controller. And the similarity end here. The Sixaxis has motion sensing. It give better sensing and enhances user experience.

The PS3 game comes with a a memory card adaptor, Blu-ray remote control, and HDMI AV cable available.

If you are planning to buy a new game console, Sony’s PS3 deserves a serious look.

Latest Update on the HDMI Cable РAccording to the latest update the HDMI Cable is being shipped along with the game console, which makes it very comfortable   for the users.

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