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Post Panda facebook notes is host to spam

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It looks like Panda gives weightage to sites that makes users stick to it. As a result a we have started seeing a lot of authority sites with spammy content. Facebook notes is one of them. As we all know facebook has authority if the time spent on a website and the number of pages is takes as the metrics for the measurement of the authority.

Spammers are taking advantage of this fact and spilling spams on facebook notes. They copy the contents from amazon and other websites and post it on amazon notes and get ranked. Fortunately  the only way to make money on facebook is by offering affiliate link. For example a large number of these spams have affiliate links to the amazon.

As an example search for the following term on google.

Toshiba Satellite L655-S5161

The page from facebook notes is on position 10 at the time of writing. The search being conducted in US. The resulted search page is at


The contents of this page has most of its content taken from amazon’s description of the product. Obviously the content was written only for the search engine with little intention of benefiting the reader in any way.

The bigger problem with panda is that the content scraped from sites hit by Panda rank higher. Let us say this topic is posted with the following keyword in mind.

“Post Panda facebook notes is host to spam”.

Now if I post the same content as it is on google webmaster forum, it will rank higher for the term “Post Panda facebook notes is host to spam”.

And if that happens, this something that needs to be fixed by Google.  More clearly there are at least  three issues that google needs to fix

1. A webpage scraped from a low quality and posted on a higher authority site – ranks higher on a higher authority site.

2. If a content is very high quality – it does not rank higher if it is on a low authority, panda hit site.

3. Even if a content is very poor in quality it can rank higher if posted on a high authority site.

If google can fix these three issues, I think every one will appreciate it. Many webmasters are unhappy with the way google has handed punishment across the board bringing down a whole website instead of working on a page by page basis.

To look at an example of how spam works on a high authority site, I would like to quote Avinash Kaushik, who has posted it on his google plus at https://plus.google.com/105279625231358353479/posts/c5CvMQDbcPS.

Avinash kaushik searched for rs 160 review to read up on how good the Sennheiser wireless headphones were.

Here is what he says –

“Got a bunch of nice results. Sixth or seventh is this one: http://reviews.cnet.com/headphones/sennheiser-rs-160-headphones/4505-7877_7-34045943.html

Page Title? “Sennheiser RS 160 Review – Headphones – CNET Reviews”. What would you expect on that page?

First text on that page: We have not reviewed this product but here is CNET’s buying advice on Headphones.

Complete scam by Cnet just to attract traffic form Google (and deliver zero value content AND a bunch of affiliate links).

Shameful to see a noted brand stoop to delivering irrelevant content and disappointing readers, and to see that Google does not rank them on page 900 instead of page 1.”

I would let you find examples of the other category. All comments are welcome.

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